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13 Ways Color Influences Product Sales


The world of advertising, marketing, branding and promotions is an intriguing one. The more you think you know about sales, marketing or even branding, the more you are going to be surprised when you keep exploring the finer elements that have a direct impact on each of those objectives. What drives sales? What contributes to branding? What can make your marketing strategies better than that of your competitors?

The traditional understanding says that quality, quantity and economics are the three most important factors. If something is good, there is sufficient quantity of the product and the price is affordable, then people will buy. This may have been a reality when there were only two brands or companies in a given product or service niche. That certainly doesn’t hold true today when there are dozens of companies in any niche you can think of. Even in the rare earth metals industry, there are hundreds of players around the world, all of which are equally proficient with the task.

While prices and quality, sales copies and promotional offers, all play an important role in branding, advertising, marketing and sales, color too plays a key role.

Visuals play a very important role in shaping up consumer perception. As an entrepreneur or marketing professional, one should know that consumer perception is everything. Apple’s latest gadgets which have rocked the world over the last ten years may be the best or they may not be the best but what has prevailed is the consumer perception that Apple is the best. That has fueled their growth and they have more spare cash than any other company in the world today. The same applies to various companies cutting across industries, products and services.

What lead to that consumer perception? There are factors such as quality but prices were certainly not the differentiator. If anything, Apple products are not cheap. But the price tags were not a deterrence. Among all the elements that can shape up a good perception among consumers or customers, color plays a defining role too.

The Business Of Color Psychology is a quick guide to help you understand what role color plays in the psyche of the consumers. Whether it is red or blue, green or a combination of different colors, they do influence the thinking of the consumers; they create an image of the brand and can also assist with brand recognition.

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