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13 Terrific Aggressive Marketing Strategies

Sometimes being aggressive is seen as a bad thing, but aggressive marketing could be the one thing that turns your average business into something that becomes an integral part of your community. Aggressive marketing isn’t about being deceptive about the values your goods or services can provide. It is about taking the reigns of your own destiny, refusing to take “No” as a final answer, and balancing needs against promoting a hard sell.

It all begins with your ability to grab someone’s attention about what you’ve got to offer and then keeping it. You need to make sure that you are leaving a solid first impression with the most prospects possible. A good aggressive marketing strategy will show people that you’re determined, that you’re disciplined, and that you’ve got the energy and the initiative to find a mutual level of success.

Effective Aggressive Marketing Strategies

1. Be Proactive
If you’re reacting to every situation your business encounters, then you’ll never be able to make any gains. Although you can’t plan for everything, you can make plans about how you’ll respond to expected reactions that your goods and services generate and be able to more quickly respond to those who are asking questions that will lead up to a sale.

2. Content Is Key
You must make the content you provide people the king of your marketing strategy because that is how people will see the most value. Deliver this content at the right time and you’ll be able to inspire a passion for your stuff in your leads that will eventually lead to a strong financial future.

3. Go In-Depth
It’s all about the quality of the information you provide people with in describing your product. Don’t just stop at the basics and assume that you’ve provided enough. Go into great detail with your content about the actual value you intend to provide. This will help to keep your brand awareness at the top of the mind and make you a niche expert.

4. Know Your Stuff
The key to any good aggressive marketing strategy is to be confident in your product. Make sure that you and all of your managers can recite all of the benefits that your product can provide to a lead. With this knowledge on-hand, you’ll be able to customize your pitch on a 1:1 basis and that creates more organic interest in what you’re offering.

5. Take a Risk
You can’t play it safe and be aggressive at the same time. If something seems like it might be a good idea, then roll the dice and trust your gut. If you’re afraid of failure or you’re busy weighing the odds, then you’re not ready to begin an aggressive marketing strategy.

6. Raise the Stakes
Innovation is often the key to success when it comes to aggressive marketing. It always boils down to value. You must be able to show and prove that what you’re offering to people has more value than what your competitor’s can provide. Raise the stakes by doing something different and you’ll be able to aggressively stand out in your chosen industry.

7. Make a Move
Sometimes being aggressive means moving into a market that compliments what you’ve already got going on. If you make beef burritos, it seems pretty logical to create a chicken burrito to be more aggressive in the food industry. If you’re a photographer, you could move into painting. The added positioning of multiple demographics will position you as a niche expert in both areas and that will add more value to what people see in you.

8. Avoid Complacency
There is a new threat around every corner you turn and you are never safe in today’s business world. Someone is willing to do what you are not willing to do right now because they are being more aggressive. Change, adapt, and never ignore a new threat that might be coming for a new market or different demographic.

9. Don’t Be Predatory
There’s a difference between following the letter of the law and following the intent of a law. Just because something is legal to do doesn’t mean that is something ethical to do. People are influenced by legality and ethics, so make sure you’re staying on the right side of both to avoid being seen as a predatory business trying to ruin someone else.

10. Pick Off the Low Lying Fruit
There’s also a difference between being predatory and pointing out that you can provide a better brand equity than someone else is able to provide. Point out the differences in your goods or services, prove the difference in value, and you just might bring across some business that used to belong to the competition.

11. Pay Attention to the Value Curve
Entering into a line of products at the low end of the value curve is beneficial because the cost difference is a natural aggressive differentiation. You’re giving people a choice. Do they want to have a premium product? Or are they willing to sacrifice a little to achieve the same result with a different product for a lower price? For most consumers in the post-2008/2009 economy, the answer tends to be the latter and not the former.

12. Outflank the Competition
The strategy of war is the same as the strategy behind aggressive marketing. If you can outflank your competition with products that show better value through service and choices rather than a direct product comparison, you’ll still win. The value ratio isn’t just about price and an end result. It also includes over-serving a customer base to create a willingness to pay a premium price.

13. Build Slow
The best aggressive marketing tactic of all is to target niche groups within a specific market demographic. Go where your competition isn’t and market your products there. Pretty soon you’ll build up some good word of mouth within that niche which will influence the rest of the targeted demographic. Before long, you just might see the prospects mutiny away from your competitors to come knocking on your door.

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