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13 Pinterest Engagement Rate Stats for Top Restaurant Brands

13 Pinterest Engagement Rate Stats for Top Restaurant Brands

Fast Casual Dining Brands on Pinterest

Maggiano wanted to catch up with follower’s count, so contests was used to achieve this. From August 28th to December 19th 2012, Panera increased by 1,576 followers, Maggiano’s Little Italy topped the contest with over 3,400 followers. Fridays had additional 157 followers while Applebee had over 197 followers. Peppers clocked about 480 followers while Macaroni grill was least with 19 followers all on pinterest.

Most Talked About Brands

Among the sampled bands from August 28 to December 19 2012, here are the most talked about brands. Applebee’s was most talked about with 852 points, closely followed by Paners Bread with 784 points, next was Maggiano’s Little Italy with 601 points then Peppers at 526 points. Fridays was at 437 points while Macaroni Grill was least at 192.


Restaurants are giving their fans what they want. Here are some statistics to that effect;
Panera Bread tops the list with 541 pins and over 10,000 re-pins with 204 likes. Peppers has 117 pins with 473 re-pins and 19 likes. Maggiano’s Little Italy has 565 pins, 11,385 re-pins and 138 likes while Fridays have 25 pins, 520 re-pins with 18 likes. Applebee’s has 34 pins, 42 re-pins and 6 likes. Macaroni Grill is least with 86 pins, 14 re-pins with no likes.

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