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13 Must See Restaurant Social Media Statistics and Trends

13 Must See Restaurant Social Media Statistics and Trends

Social Media and Food: Are They an Ideal Pair?

From recent a recent survey, it was revealed that about 50% of participants became aware of a particular meal through social media, while about 10% have downloaded a mobile food application in the recent year. It is obvious that more and more Americans are turning to social media to satisfy their ever increasing appetite.

Table Tweets

From the survey it was observed that over 30% of social media users are on media sites like twitter and Facebook while they relax at home, while about 20% are on media sites while eating out. As expected, mostly youngsters from ages 18 to 32 are actively involved in social media, this forms about 47% of the sampled population.

Multi-Tasking while Driving

While eating, consumers engage in other activities on their tablets like messaging, and surfing the web. About 35% are sending messages or on social media while dining, 21% are in search of new recipes. About 41% learn more about foods from new sites, apps and blogs. 24% of respondents admits to responding to conversation on social media sites while 21% are in search of discounts and deals on food.

Photogenic Food

There is a growing trend of food photography on social media like Facebook and Instagram. This is as a result of a healthy combination of food obsession, photography and social media. It has been observed that about 72% of photos are of main meals which are mostly dinners. This is as a result of about 25% of participants who post photos of their foods regularly on social media. 22% prefer documenting their food while 16% do it for a special event or occasion.

This proves that the trend is changing as more and more people are resorting to the internet to research food. 46% of the surveyed populace prefer searching online for new inventions in food as against 31% who still prefer the old fashion print method.

As a result of this, foodie sites are gaining popularity among folks. Web sites that allow for the researching of meals and the sharing of experiences have gained more grounds now than ever before.

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