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13 Most Important Google Ranking Factors


When it comes to having your website ranked on search engine result pages, there are factors that search engines such as Google take into consideration. These factors will determine which page of the SERPs your website will show up on and it can have a significant impact on your business. Below are some of the top ranking factors to take into consideration from Google this year.

1) Don’t Forget About Backlinks
As the most important ranking factor that website owners have used to their advantage over the years, backlinks are essential for making sure that your website is successful. You’ll also still need to make sure that the backlinks are relevant; otherwise it could negatively impact your ranking. You can use tools such as Google Pagerank to find quality websites related to your content.

2) Relevant Content is Key
Aside from the fact that users aren’t going to want to visit your website if you don’t have relevant content, it’s also important to make sure that your site is seen. You’ll want to make sure that everything on your site relates to your domain name, that the links you have are relevant to your content, and that you use relevant keyword phrases on your pages. It’s not about the quantity of links, it’s about their quality.

3) Social Media Sharing
It is essential that you take the time to add ways that users can share your media across social media websites. In fact, the majority of websites go viral because people start sharing them with friends and family members. Ensure that the sharable content you provide is interesting and informative; get creative with the content that you put out there.

4) Speed of Your Website
There’s nothing more frustrating than visiting a website that has long loading times for the different pages. You’ll want to make sure that you optimize the speed of your site as crawlers can rank your website lower than you could imagine if your site is slow. Remember, Google is also providing a service much like you and they’re not going to advertise websites that don’t offer quality service to their users. Use less code and add more content to really make an impact on loading speeds.

5) Making Friends
Networking online is just as important as networking in person and when you make valuable friends on the Internet you’ll have an array of backlinks, guest posts, and favors to choose from. Everyone is looking for people who can help them out to get their websites popular, so it’s time to tap into this wealth of resources.

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