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13 Fabulous Perry Marshall Quotes

Perry Marshall is an American online marketing strategist and entrepreneur best known for his notable published best seler books, ‘Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords.’ Perry Marshall has been profiled as being one of the most successful internet marketing entrepreneurs. Here is a look at some of the most influential Perry Marshall quotes ever documented.

“80/20 applies to almost everything in business that you can count. ▷ Almost every frustration you have in sales has something to do with ignoring 80/20.”

“80/20 says 80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of your efforts, and 20 percent of your results come from the other 80 percent.”

“Equality is spiritual.”

“Facebook gives you a maximum budget with this option instead of a daily budget option. After you submit the boosted post Facebook will spread that maximum budget out over a few days, depending on what you choose.”

“For some it’s makeup or shoes. For some it’s rock concerts. For some it’s bowling. For some it’s bird watching. For some it’s skiing.”

“Here’s a little marketing secret for you: Almost everybody has at least one passion, one interest, one obsession where they’ll gleefully spend irrational amounts of money.”

“If you scored 6 or above, you should devour every word of this book. If you scored 5 or lower, there is still a lot of useful content for you here.”

“Photo posts and video posts typically get most engagement and organic boost; however, link posts can give you the best ROI on your ad spend in many cases.”

“Selling to the right person is more important than all the sales methods, copywriting techniques, and negotiation tactics in the world. Because the wrong person doesn’t have the money.”

“The biggest benefit of being on Facebook is to provide you another channel to connect to existing customers and to collect detailed customer demographics.”

“The most valuable asset you can own is a well-maintained customer database, because people who’ve already bought from you are way easier to sell to than strangers.”

“The reason for this is because the image in your link post will redirect straight to your landing page or offer, unlike a photo post or video post.”

“You also have the ability to go in and pause the campaign at any time after you submit it.”

Here is a live discussion by Perry Marshall as he discusses optimizing paid social media advertising and getting more traffic to your website.

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