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13 Blogging Stats Every Blogger Should Know


Want to know just how you can take your blog above and beyond? Looking to reach more readers than ever before without much more effort than doing what you love on your blog? Here we have some tips, backed up by stats, which might just surprise you. If you have recently started a blog and want to make it more popular, read on. Or, if you are a company looking for tips on how to better utilize your blog for marketing, we can also help.

Post Often and Lots

You should do your best to keep up your blog post on a daily basis. Your traffic will increase by about 500% if you do, and leads will increase, too. Over time, the more posts you put out there, the higher your traffic becomes. After just over 50 blog posts, expect your traffic to rise by half. That number continues to rise as you continue to post. Just know that Mondays and Thursdays are probably the two most important days of the week to post. Do your best to change-up posts, too. Use images and words. And make your posts over 1,500 words, each time.

The Importance of Credibility

Credibility can get repeat visitors back to your blog. As 8 of 10 people who visit blogs are new visitors, you want to keep people coming back for more. To keep them coming back, be careful about your blog design. Make it appealing and pleasing. Keep your standards high for posts. Being more active on social media can increase your credibility, as well as your traffic and other pages linking to you. Getting more shares on social media makes your page seem more legit. So, too, does having a couple authors, as opposed to just one.

Other Tips

If you are looking for a new powerful marketing tool, look no further than using your social media and blog, together. Doing do can help you get your message out there to much more people than tradition ads. Just remember that if you are not into writing something yourself every day, you can always host guest posts or articles. Quality content can consist of images, posts, backlinks, links to other blogs, videos, and much more. Posting at least once, daily, is the most important thing that you can do for your blog and for your business.

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