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13 Best Ways to SEO Your Website


SEO or search engine optimization is at the crux of internet marketing. Unless you utilize or capitalize on internet marketing, your business would not get the much needed exposure. That is regardless of the industry you are in. Even local diners require online reviews these days and one has to manage the online presence of a firm.

SEO is a complicated ballgame but it is possible to master the tricks of the trade. While Google makes it quite challenging to adhere to its algorithmic protocols and the competition is quite stiff out there, yet you can make your mark should you adhere to the best practices.

How to Structure Your Page

Here is a brief guide on how to structure a perfect SEO optimized page.

1. Unlike what many people might tell you, SEO doesn’t start with the content. It actually starts with the URL. The URL extension of a specific webpage is the first detail that the Google spiders or crawlers would make note of and would be saved for the specific webpage rank or website rank. Your URL extension cannot be too long. It cannot be irrelevant and it can certainly not be a bunch of numbers or an ill-defined basic term such as About Us or Services. You must be specific with your URL extension. You can put up content about Services but the webpage URL extension should be specific to the actual service being talked about. For instance, if you are a roofer and you are talking about Metal Roofing in a webpage, then the URL extension should include the term Metal Roofing. That is also the keyword you are targeting.

2. The visual experience of a user is prized by Google. The search engine giant wants the users to have a nice time on a website and those that offer a nice visual experience will always get a preference in the rankings. Arrange your tiles and load as many images and videos as you can, but they all should be relevant. Get to the point or the moot right at the onset. The images should load quickly and your core message should be communicated in the first hundred to hundred fifty odd words on the webpage.

3. Content is the most important factor in SEO. Original, unique, helpful, informative and authoritative content would always help to rank a webpage or website much higher than its competition.

Explore the associated info-graphic to find out more about how to structure a perfect SEO optimized page.

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