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13 Best Mobile Marketing Ideas

Mobile marketing is more important now than it ever has been before. People have relationships with their technology that will only become enhanced as wearable tech becomes more prevalent. Mobile devices go everywhere, access everything, and are used for shopping more now than ever. If you’re not on-board with at least a basic mobile marketing campaign right now, there’s a good chance that you’re losing up to 50% of your business to a competitor.

To get started with your mobile marketing campaign, you’ve got to really know your target demographic on a personal level. Maybe it’s because you’re part of that demographic or you’re spending a lot of time building relationships, but without this knowledge, your marketing won’t relate at all. There must be trust for someone to give you instant access to a device that has become a part of them as a person.

Great Mobile Marketing Ideas

1. Discounts Are Always Beneficial
SMS marketing is always effective if there’s some sort of discount involved. Redbox offers customers specific discounts at least once per month and has periods of daily discounts for value and that’s the platform you can copy to benefit as well. Have customers text you a start it up, offer them a discount for their efforts, and you’ll have a way to stay in contact with your customer base.

2. Remind People
If you are an appointment-based industry, then use mobile marketing as a way of reminding people about upcoming appointments or update them to new services, discounts, or opportunities that have developed since signing up. This can help to start a new sales cycle or help guide people through your sales funnel effectively.

3. Get Instant Feedback
Instant feedback allows you to quickly fix problems or respond to a potentially negative situation. Thanks to voting and polling that can be done through SMS texts, you can get this feedback and react to time-sensitive needs. It’s also a great way for people to interact with your brand if you create fun polls about industry trends.

4. Hold a Contest
Mobile marketing always boils down to the value you can provide each person. By holding a contest that requires a text to be sent, you’ll give people the chance to win something valuable just by opting into your marketing campaign. You can have people text pictures, sometimes called MMS, with specific products in their pictures that can be used for future marketing efforts too.

5. Social Media Is Awesome
Mobile based social media campaigns can help people get involved with your brand in fun ways. Offer incentives for people who check-in at your business on Foursquare. Offer a discount for those who tweet a picture to you in real-time. If you have customers who have multiple check-ins, you can create a loyalty program around their efforts because earning discounts is almost as good as receiving them for free.

6. Bluetooth Marketing Works
Bluetooth proximity marketing is the modern equivalent to the traditional cold call. The added benefit of this is that you don’t need someone’s mobile number to make this work. As long as someone has an active Bluetooth near your transmitter, they’ll receive your specific information just by being in range. Discounts, advertisements, or product specific information like a menu is all possible with this technology.

7. Offer Limited Auction Items
Everyone loves a good deal, so auction items through SMS text can help you break into the mobile marketing arena quickly and easily. Offer some valuable products that won’t break your bank if they go for a low price and have people bid on them through their mobile device. Some pay-per-bid sites do this for reverse auctions, but if you do a traditional auction for free, you’ll likely get a better community response.

8. Create a Good Mobile App
To really succeed with mobile marketing, at some point you’ll need a helpful app that will keep people up-to-date with what you’ve got going on. Whether it’s industry statistics, coupons for your store, or just access to informative blog posts, the more value you provide through your app, the better the response will often be.

9. Have Your Website Be Mobile Friendly
Not every website’s coding can recognize a mobile platform when it is accessed. This is especially true for sites that are using a template design. Make sure your site can recognize a mobile user and alter the display of the site to meet their needs efficiently. If an iPhone has to load your full website and then the user must zoom into the site just to read the info, that’s enough hassle to stop a mobile transaction from happening right there.

10. Develop a QR Code
QR codes are great because you can send people to a specific location once they scan the code. These are extremely cheap to develop and can be posted everywhere, from an advertising poster to an email. It eliminates the need to remember a phone number or website address because it can be scanned and saved for later.

11. Organize a Party
Hosting a special event helps your loyal customers feel appreciated and organizing it through your mobile marketing platform can help to enhance the efforts that you’ve had. You can even offer discounts to people who publish photos of themselves at the party or show them using your merchandise.

12. Provide Referral Discounts
Getting a discount is good, but providing a discount to others is better. Allow your mobile discounts and coupons to be shared and encourage sharing by offering stronger discounts to those who are willing to become your ambassadors.

13. Get a Street Team Together
Sometimes old school mobile marketing is just as effective, especially when you incorporate these additional ideas. Get people out there, offer low-cost giveaways that people will love, and use your street team to generate locally-based texts to start getting the attention of your targeted demographic. You can even create an elite team that gives people VIP status through purchases or mobile interactions.

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