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125 Funniest Band Names of All-time

Having a unique name not only sets you apart, but can make you more memorable. These funniest band names of all-time take things to the next level with these hilarious and unique names.

50 Naked Midgets
A Band Named Bob
Actual Size
Aids Wolf
Alien Ant Farm
All You Can Eat
Anal Cunt
Anus the Menace
Army of Prawns
As I Lay Dying
Bad Tequila Experience
Barbie Bones
Barenaked Ladies
Batwings Catwings
Beef Masters
Butthole Surfers
Captain Drinking Binge
Caucasian Invasion
Chickens On Smack
Colon On The Cob
Curl Up And Die
Dancing Cigarettes
Diarrhea Planet
Dogs With Jobs
Dumpster Juice
Ear Wacks
Elastic Sausage
Endangered Feces
Evil Weiner
Fat Luv
Flaming Lips
Girls Can’t Catch
God’s Girlfriend
Goo Goo Dolls
Gringo Star
Haircuts That Kill
Halo of Flies
Here, Eat This!
Hockey Teeth
Honkytonk Homeslice
Ice Cream Headache
Immaculate Infection
Individual Fruit Pie
Interspecies Love Child
Jabbering Trout
Jiggle the Handle
Jonestown Punch
Just Plain Cheese
Kinky Slinky
Knee Deep Shag
Kung Foo Dykes
Limp Wrist
Lost Underpants of Doom
Lubricated Goat
Lung Mustard
Maggot Sandwich
Mayhem Lettuce
Meat Puppets
Men Among Poodles
Moist Fist
Mouse and the Traps
Naked Potato
Natural Fonzie
New Squids on the Dock
No Pants Bandits
Nurse With Wound
Old Bathtub Hag
Old Lady Driver
Orange Juice After Toothpaste
Out Vile Jelly
Painful Rectal Itch
Paisley Brain Cells
Pepto Dismal
Po’ White Trash & the Trailer Park Symphony
Poop Shovel
Post Nasal Drip
Queer Wookie
Question Mark & the Mysterians
Rainbow Butt Monkeys
Rats of Unusual Size
Reluctant Stereotypes
Rhythm Method
Rolling Blackouts
Saturday’s Garbage
Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Shoot the Mime
Sinus Envy
Sloppy Seconds
Space Hog
Suicide Shrimp Fiasco
Tastes Like Chicken
Test Icicles
The Bad Livers
The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
The Dairy Queens
The Farting Ghosts
The Gerogerigegege
The History of Apple Pie
The Orange Jews
The String Cheese Incident
The Yams from Outer Space
The Young and the Uselsess
They Might Be Giants
This Side Up
Toe Fat
Trampled by Turtles
Ugly Head
Underpants Machine
Unprovoked Moose Attack
Van Gogh’s Ear
Vegetarian Meat
Venus and the Razor Blades
Vomit Launch
We Butter the Bread with Butter
White Trash Debutantes
Wrecked ‘Em
Yellow Snow
Zombies Under Stress
Zorro and the Blue Footballs

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