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125 Catchy Silent Auction Basket Names

Gift baskets at the perfect way to raise money for causes, give as a part of general gift giving, or send as appreciation gifts. These catchy silent auction basket names provide a long list of ideas for you to participate in the next round of fundraising.

50 Shades Of Makeup
A Spot of Tea
A Tisket, A Tasket
Adventure Time
All Dolled Up
All-Access Pass
An American in Paris
Angel Basket
Art In Action
At The Car Wash
At-Home Salon
Auto Detailing
Baby Boomer
Baby Strolling
Back In The Day
Bakers Dozen
Beach Bums
Blues Basket
Book Bundles
Bridal Shower
Camping In
Candles Galore
Cheers to Beer
Chef Experience
Chocolate Celebration
Cocktail Collection
Cool, Calm and Collected
Country Music Lover’s
Craft Beer Kit
Dance Fever
Date Night
Dessert First
Dig It
Dive In
Dog’s Day
Dude Crate
Electronic Gizmos & Gadgets
Epicurean’s Delight
Everything Legos
Fall Harvest
Family Fun Pack
Fourth of July
Game Of Thrones
Garden in a Box
Gourmet Coffee
Hair’s to You
Handmade Basket
Health Foods
Here Comes Baby
In My Spare Time
Just Desserts
Just for Kicks
Just What I’ve BEAN Wanting
King Of The Grill
Let Your Candles Shine
Let’s Make Up
Live To Be Fit
Magic Show
Makeup Maven
Man Cave
May the Force Be With You
Naughty Night
New York Minute
On Your Toes
One Bring at a Time
One-Stop Wrap Shop
One-Track Mind
Organic Garden
Pain in the Neck
Paint for a Cause
Pampered Princess
Par for the Course
Party Favors
Powder to the People
Queen For A Day
Quilter’s Basket
Rainy Days
Rated Awesome
Road Trip
Rock The Red
Sail Away
Seafood Delight
Sew What?
Shoe Saver
Shutterbug Session
Sing Your Heart Out
Skating Through Life
S’mores Galore
Something to Flip Over
Spectacular View
Spice Of Life
Spoil Fido & Fluffy
Stamping Basket
Stud Muffin
Sundae Best
Swooning for Ballooning
Tailgating Time
Taste of the Town
Tea For Two
Teacher’s Basket
The Cat’s Meow
The Dark Side
The Great Outdoors
The Weight is Over
Through the Grapevine
Tokyo Tonight
Topping it Off
Ultimate Tailgate
Vineyards & More
Warm and Cozy
We Hope You Win a LOTTO
Weekend Getaway
Weekend Staycation
Weird Science
What’s the Scoop?
Why So Tense?
Windy City Wins
Wine & Cheese
You Only Live Once
Zombie Survival Kit
Zumba Fitness

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