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125 Catchy and Creative Juice Bar Names

Juicing has increased in popularity due to the many health benefits it presents. These catchy and creative juice bar names are just some examples to the various ways you can encourage and give access to juicing consumers. These names serve as the perfect source of inspiration for launching your own juice brand.

Agha Juice & Cafe
Apple Juice
Bebidas Junat
Beverly Hills Juice
Big Red Juice Bar
Blend Juice Bar
Blue Print Cleanse
BoozeBerry Juice Bar
Carrot Zip
Cherri Juice Co.
Clean Juice
Cool Fresh Juice Bar
CRU Juice
Da Juice Bar
DaGus Juice
Daily Juice Cafe
Dtox Juice
Earth Organic Juice Bar
Earthcraft Juicery
Evolution Fresh
Fit Fresh Juice Bar
Fresh Press Juice
Fuel Grill & Juice Bar
Fuel Kitchen and Health Bar
FunkiFruit Juice Fountain
Gelateria Smoothies and Juice
Glow Bio
Glow Juicery
Greenhouse Juice Bar
Impact Juice Bar
Jolted Juice Bar
Jugo Fresh
Juicd Life
Juice Bar Plus
Juice Cycle
Juice Design
Juice Girl
Juice Press
Juice Shop
Juice Time
Juiced & Squeezed
Jump For Juice
Jump Start Juice
Just Juice
Kale Me Crazy
Kreation Organic Kafe & Juicery
Krokodile Pear
KURE Juice Bar
Lime Juice
Liquid Juice Bar
Live Food Bar
LoveLemon Juice Bar
Mantra Juice Bar
Melvin’s Juice Box
Moon Juice
Movita Juice Bar
Muscle Beach Juice Bar
My Main Squeeze Juice
Nature Well
Nektar Juice Bar
Nourish Juice Bar
Oasis Jimma Juice Bar
OC Juice N Gyro
Olly Organics Smoothies & Juice
Organic Avenue
Paleta Pressed Juice
Papayas Juice Bar
Paradise Juice Bar
Paraiso Juice Bar
Peeled Juice Bar
Peelers Juice Parlor
Perfectly Pressed Juice Bar
Pomegranates Juice Parlor
Pressed Juicery
Pure Healthy Eatery
Pure Juice: Grape
Puree Juice Bar
Purple Berry
Qwench Juice Bar
Raha Juice
Raw & Juicy
Raw 191 Juice Bar
Raw Remedy Organic Juice & Raw Food Bar
Revolucion Coffee + Juice
Roots Juice Bar
Royalty Juice Bar
San Diego Juice Co.
Santos Juice Bar
Simply O Organic Juice Bar
Sip Juicery
Squeeze It
Stacy’s Juicebar
Sustain Juicery
The Berry Bar
The Duke of Juice
The Fresh Factor
The Frozen Kiwi Fruit Juice Café
The Joyful Juicer
The Juice Box
The Juice Truck
The Juicy Café
Thrive Juicery
Tiki Juice Bar
Trough Juice Bar
Tru Nature Juice Bar
Urbane Juice Bar
Wild and Raw
World Nectar

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