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12 YouTube Channel Optimization Tips and Tactics


About 7 out every 10 people who use YouTube make purchasing decisions based on what they find on this social platform. That makes it an effective search engine, allowing you to optimize your YouTube Channel to maximize the impact of your content.

Here is what you’re going to want to do.

1) Use Keywords.
Place one of your keywords into the name of your YouTube Channel. This will provide you with more organic search results over time. Don’t forget to say your keywords within your video too.

2) The About Us Page.
Make sure you’ve filled out your About Us page with relevant information. The first 48 characters of your content here will display in search results, creating a chance for you to maximize clicks.

3) Channel Tags.
You have 100 characters of space for any keyword tags you feel are relevant to your content. Use this space wisely as the tags are used on all search engines to help future customers find your content.

4) Trailers.
You should have a trailer for your YouTube Channel that is 60 seconds or less in length. This serves as your landing page for many non-subscribers, giving you a chance to maximize the impact of your first impression.

5) Video Length.
The average length of a video on YouTube is just shy of 15 minutes. Don’t be afraid of producing lengthy videos that are filled with valuable content to maximize the impact of your channel.

6) Maximize the Start.
You’ll hook most viewers within the first 15 seconds of your video. You can also lose most of your viewers in that time period. Stack the front end of your videos with valuable content to maximize the impact of each search result.

7) Improve the Description.
Even though it is only 70 characters in length, your video description can still be compelling. Use one excellent thesis sentence which summarizes the goals of your video and what viewers should expect from it. Do the same with your title.

8) Video Cards.
Embed notifications, video cards, and end screens to push viewers toward a specific action you want them to complete.

Maximizing the value of your YouTube Channel isn’t time-consuming or expensive. These proven ways will help you quickly optimize your presence on this platform.

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