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12 Ways to Increase Pinterest Referral Traffic


Pinterest is a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. Getting the most out of using Pinterest to get the attention of your audience can easily help you improve your sales and close the deal. There are several things you can do to improve your Pinterest.

1) Use Great Photos.
High quality photos on Pinterest get attention. They make your pins more attractive and they give them a professional quality.

2) Provide the Details.
You can use up to 500 characters to describe your Pins. Use them all and give a really great detailed description of the pin.

3) Organize It All.
Make sure you organize all of your pins. You can use collages and other tools to make sure your pins are on point and organized.

4) Offer Step By Step Instructions.
The most successful pins offer viewers a way to replicate the results. It is not enough just to pin ideas without giving up the info to help someone create the same thing.

5) Use Text Overlays.
Text overlays are a great way to get your pins noticed. Think of it like a cyber show and tell session.

6) Use Vertical Pins.
Research has shown that vertical pictures get more attention. There is a science behind it but it is not necessary to go into detail.

7) Don’t Over Brand.
Sure it is important to get the word out about your brand but don’t overdo it. You want to let your pins do the talking for your business. Over branding takes away the whole idea that Pinterest is for sharing ideas.

8) Share Customer Photos.
Do your clients a favor and they will respond in kind. Share their pins so that they will share yours.

9) Use Rich Pins for a Professional Touch.
It is a business, use rich pins for a professional look. Offer real time pricing, availability etc.

10) Watch the Advertising.
Banners and traditional online advertising does not necessarily work on Pinterest so you will have to revamp your ad looks.

11) Dump The Borders.
You only get so much space don’t waste an inch of it, get rid of borders and other little details that take up space and don’t really improve your message.

12) Forget the Hashtags.
Hashtags are everywhere and they CAN be used on Pinterest but it does not mean that they should be used on Pinterest. Avoid hashtags. They do not make much sense in this environment.

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