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12 Unique Facebook Contest Ideas for Every Month of the Year


What is the difference between an innovator and inventor? Innovator is a term that is used widely today. Not many people refer to notable people as an inventor these days because there is a huge difference between innovation and invention.

Reinventing a Marketing Success

Invention is to create something entirely new. Innovation is to create something new that changes the attributes of something that already exists. For example, Graham Bell invented the telephone, something that never existed. Steve Jobs is an innovator since he tweaked the existing device and developed new ideas to take the device to another level.

Thus, invention is doing or creating something absolutely new while innovation is developing something new to add on to something that exists. This difference applies to marketing as well. In marketing, unlike in science, technology and engineering, invention is a term that is rarely used. It is innovation that counts. Can you invent an idea to market the same product that has been sold for decades? You can only innovate which is to tweak existing ideas or come up with new ideas that illustrate existing paradigms.

Social Media Strategy

12 Facebook Contest Ideas For Every Month Of The Year is a guide that would help you to plan your social networking and social media marketing strategy. You cannot possibly come up with unique new ideas all the time. You cannot invent special days or occasions to launch contests or host special promotions. You have a set premise, a calendar, a certain set of norms and confinements that you have to abide by.

So what do you do to come up with effective contest ideas? You innovate.

12 ideas for every month of the year can be regarded as a very clichéd approach to talk about promotions and activities that can help a company. But what you need to do is innovate whilst being set in the premise that you have to be confined to.

There is nothing more rewarding for people than getting rewarded on days that matter to them. It applies to all and sundry. Winning a gift on a Monday doesn’t offer the joy as winning a gift on your birthday would. Participating in a contest doesn’t make much sense if there isn’t a theme but getting together with family and friends to play a contest on thanksgiving can be a great pastime and a treat in itself.

Use the 12 ideas listed on the info-graphic and you can get more traction on Facebook than you would imagine.

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