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12 Pros and Cons of Godaddy

GoDaddy wants to make the internet accessible to everyone in a one-stop solution. If you’re thinking about registering a domain, then this is the name that usually comes to mind. GoDaddy also offers hosting plans that can make it easy to manage your web presence. These key pros and cons of GoDaddy can help you figure out is this is the one-stop solution for your specific needs.

What Are the Pros of GoDaddy?

1. The prices are very affordable.
There are a number of discounts that are routinely available through GoDaddy that can make it incredibly affordable to start and maintain a web presence. Domain registration deals are offered that allow you to register for just $0.99. If you choose the economy hosting plan, the price can be as low as $4 per month. There are also coupons and other discounts regularly offered.

2. You choose a platform with a solid reputation.
GoDaddy has a strong reputation as a provider of domain registration and web hosting services. You can quickly access your account through an easy-to-use online dashboard, speak with customer service rapidly if something should come up, yet have full freedom to create a site that matches the message of your brand.

3. There is a one-click WordPress installation available.
If you’re wanting to get online quick fast in a hurry, then GoDaddy offers an automatic solution that you can install with just one click. It’s perfect for those who are new to website design or content uploading, but still want to get started with something on their own.

4. Many payment options are supported on GoDaddy.
Most major currencies can be accepted as payments when you choose GoDaddy as your hosting platform. This allows you to use your current payment processors in many instances or use digital buttons from PayPal with ease.

5. There are numerous bonuses available for signing up.
GoDaddy has offered numerous advertising credits for new accounts that sign up for web hosting. This includes $100 for Google AdWords, $50 for Bing or Facebook, and other credits that are designed to help you begin increasing traffic levels to your site.

6. Other hosting options are available with one-click as well.
GoDaddy has included Drupal and Joomla.

What Are the Cons of GoDaddy?

1. If you have a problem the response isn’t always fast.
It might be fast to install a GoDaddy site, but solving problems which occur can be a different story. There may be up to 48 hours of wait time to receive a response when a trouble ticket is submitted. Each follow-up response may also take 48 hours, so unless the answer can happen with just one response, it could be weeks to troubleshoot an issue.

2. There are restoration fees.
Most companies will restore a website for you without cost. At GoDaddy, the restoration fee can sometimes be as high as $300. This puts pressure on you to make sure you make no mistakes and keep your site looking the exact way you want it to look.

3. There is no live chat support.
This also limits your ability to interact with customer service. You are forced into contacting representatives in ways that are not always convenient, which tends to lead to user frustration more than anything.

4. The internal speeds of GoDaddy are not always the best.
This is simply because of the size of GoDaddy. Think of it like a broadband connection with multiple subscribers. If you’re the only person on a 50/10 connection, your download/upload speeds will probably exceed that quoted rate. If everyone subscribed to the network is using it, you might be lucky to achieve 10/1 speeds. The slower speeds are unfortunately becoming more of the norm.

5. The economy plan doesn’t allow for unlimited websites.
Although Windows or Linux are available for WordPress even on the economy plan, you only get to have one website and 100 GB of storage. You’ll receive unlimited bandwidth, but that may not always be enough.

6. There can be uptime issues.
GoDaddy only guarantees 99.9% uptime. Other providers extend that out to 2-3 nines [99.99-99.999%], which means more guaranteed time your website is available.

The pros and cons of GoDaddy show that there are plenty of options available so that you can design a site and hosting plan that is right for you. If you need multiple sites to be hosted, then consider the Deluxe plan as it offers unlimited websites, storage, and bandwidth that can be as low as $4.99 per month for the first year. Give it a trial run and you may just find the solution to your hosting and registration problems today.

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