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12 Great Ecommerce Entrepreneur Success Stories


Have you ever heard the saying, legends are made of different stuff. It is not one of those ancient or archaic philosophical thoughts which have inspired generations. It is one of the more contemporary cool ways to distinguish the ordinary and the unique. Entrepreneurs, innovators and million dollar wonders of the twenty-first century have one thing in common. They are different. That difference is in many forms. The way they go about their lives, the prism through which they look at the world and how they perceive their selves and everything else around them is different from an ordinary folk. It is thus not surprising that some of the most successful entrepreneurs of present times have had some unusual career paths.

12 Ecommerce Legends and Their Unusual Career Paths is a take on some entrepreneurs who made some very unusual career choices. Their choices become even more unusual and at times questionable when one considers the situation they were in and the lives they led even before making it big. Take for instance the example of James Lillis. A man struggling to pay his rent, sits back at home eating mangos from nearby trees in Brisbane, sells his CD player and buys a sewing machine. All because he had an urge to sew and this is after it had become quite apparent to the world that China and some other Asian countries was the hub of manufacturing and cheap labor was producing tons of garments at the speed of a maglev train. Any traditional business man or one with a conventional sense of reasoning would have regarded James Lillis as crazy and his choice as irrational at best. But the man keeps sewing, sells leggings at flea markets and he ends up with Black Milk Clothing. The story may not yet be worthwhile for a Hollywood producer to risk a few millions to make a movie on his life but the story is certainly unusual.

There are many such examples in the form of Sophia Amoruso, Markus Anderson, Vinit Bharara and Marc Lore, Tony Hsieh, Eric Bandholz, Darrell Cavens and Mark Vadon, Tobias Lutke, Michael Dubin and Ryan Babenzein. Some did odd jobs, some quit their conventional jobs and some like Vinit Bharara had a flourishing career as a Wall Street lawyer before becoming ecommerce legends, solely by the virtue of their passion, pursuit and different take on life.

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