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12 Fantastic Cookout Invitation Wording Ideas

Planning a cook out is a great way to celebrate an informal or host a casual affair. Many events can constitute the planning of a cookout. From annual neighborhood gatherings to birthdays and graduations, a cook out allows the consumption of some of America’s favorite foods such as hot dogs and hamburgers. The following compilation of cook out invitation wording ideas provide a great variation sample wording you can use for planning your gathering. These have been used by others and intended to help inspire your own unique invitation message.

As the days get cooler we are reminded of the warmth of your friendship. please join us fireside for a cookout and cocktails.

Come join our cook out feast. Enjoy something hot off the grill as we gather for a great meal. [location] on [date] from [time] to [time].

Come on over for a cook out to celebrate [name] birthday [date] around noon at [location].

It is time to open up and let the sun shine in. Please join us for our 10th annual neighborhood cookout [day of week], [date] at [time]. Please bring a dish to pass.

Join us for our fifth annual BBQ. The grill will be on with hot dogs and hamburgers, whichever your choice. The pool will be open and the kids will have plenty of fun. Hosted by [names] on [date] at [time].

Join us in the backyard for some chill’ and grillin’ at a bbq celebrating [bride name] and [groom name]. [date, time, location].

Let’s get together for no special reason, just to celebrate good food, good friends and the summer season.

Our family reunion is coming up quick. We’re planning to have an old fashioned picnic. There will be plenty to eat and glasses to
fill, just bring your own meat to put on the grill. [date and time].

Please join us for a backyard BBQ at our new home.

Summer is here…Time for burgers and beer.

The cold winter’s over No more chillin’ Here comes the season for outdoor grillin’.

We’re dudein’ it up, We’re dudein’ it right, We’ll be dudein’ it up on Saturday Night. Join us for a cook out [date] at [time].

America’s nation’s birthday on the fourth of July experiences more than 150 million cookouts across the nations borders. More than 150 million hot dogs are consumers with an estimated $193 million spent on hamburger patties for this single day. Some of the other top items for planning any cookout include beer, watermelon, and condiments. The below infogaphic provides some interesting facts about the United States top cook out day of the year.

Fourth of July Cookout

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