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12 Famous Italian Luxury Car Logos and Brands

The Italian car market has been in a decline in recent years with demand lowered as a result of the economic recession and renewed political uncertainty. With a 19.9% annual loss last year, end of year sales were down by 22.5%. This market slump is blamed by many on the increasing taxation in Italy. Most imported brands have also seen losses. The following series of Italian luxury car logos are from some of the biggest brands and most well respected cars manufactured in Italy.

Abarth Company Logo

Alfa Romeo Company Logo

Basel Company Logo

Bertone Company Logo

Covini Company Logo

Ferrari Company Logo

Fornasari Company Logo

Giottiline Company Logo

Lamborghini Company Logo

Lancia Company Logo

Maserati Company Logo

Pagani Company Logo

Last year, Italy’s top selling models were the Fiat Panda and Punto, Lancia Ypsilon, and Ford Fiesta. The Volkswagen Polo and Golf also made it on the listing, followed by Toyota Yaris in the number ten spot.

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