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12 Facebook Mobile Advertising Campaign Tips


The Do’s and Don’ts in Mobile Programs and Campaigns

If you are confused or clueless about mobile do’s and don’ts, it is necessary to take the effort of doing an extensive research to widen your familiarity and understanding. Doing an online search can help a lot because it is known that almost all information are now found in the internet. When you happen to research on this online, you will notice that the do’s and don’ts of mobile revolves around mobile programs and campaigns. Here is a step-by-step and comprehensive guide that will unveil which and which does not work as far as mobile programs and campaigns are concerned:

1. Pinching and Zooming

One of the Do’s in mobile is to make sure that the principal views of the mobile are legible for targeted devices. The Don’ts includes not requiring users to zoom and pinch their way across the site just to discover and explore content. Increased percentage of individuals stated that they are more willing to return to a website again if they noticed that the site is personalized for mobile.

2. Text Fields

Pinching and Zooming of users is a no especially if it is on a registration or log in a view. This may just lead to confusion or users tend to activate fields though they do not really intend to. More than 60% of mobile users stated that when they visit and explore a site that is mobile friendly, they are more convinced to buy services and products from this site.

3. Splash Page

Using a custom flash page will certainly drive mobile users to Facebook campaigns or will convince them to log in. Using a splash page prior to logging in is also essential in increasing conversion. One of the do’s in mobile programs and campaigns is to make sure that there is a specific phone splash page that will provide the user with context just before they land on logging in screen. Lack of a splash page with the right context will leave users clueless and confused on why they are being asked to sign up or log in.

4. Usage of Facebook App

Increased number of individuals has been using Facebook app on their mobile devices. As a matter of fact, these individuals spend more time visiting and using Facebook every day. Almost 23% of time are spent in engaging with Facebook mobile apps and next is Instagram.

5. Modal Windows

If your campaign or program has pop-up or modal windows, the do’s list includes making sure that these are sized accordingly for the targeted device. If the modal windows are not sized properly and appropriately, there is the tendency that these will be showing up small and off-screen. This will lead to lower conversion and poor UX.

6. Condensed Information

Make sure to optimize the navigation and the content must appear to be what users actually want. Streamlining the content is highly significant for users. Avoiding content overload is also important and sees to it that you do not give users numerous things to do. This will just make them feel inconvenient and will soon abandon.

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