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12 Best Blog Post Writing Ideas


12 Brilliant Ideas With Respect to Blog Posts

Research has revealed that businesses with blogs generates 55% more traffic to their sites. How is this achieved? Here is some outlines with respect to taking advantage of this.

1. Write on your products giving readers tips on how to use them.
2. Develop lots of positive experiences with respect to your industry.
3. On your blog, combine interactions with contests.
4. Give readers breaking news with respect to events in your industry.
5. Contents related to the life style of your consumers should not be left out.
6. When they is anything new about your company, post it on your site.
7. Give a summary of great articles related to your sites, Facebook pages can be included.
8. Take advantage of testimonials, advertise your client’s testimonies on your blog.
9. If possible, seek out for an interview with industry experts, these interviews can be transcribed and posted on your blog.
10. Interview different staffs of your company including the CEO, these can be set up at regular intervals and blog about them.
11. Make use of sweepstakes and increase interaction on your blog.
12. Mix videos with slide shares, info graphics and multimedia.

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