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11 Ways to Use Content to Drive Sales


The world has changed ever since search engine optimization transformed how we browsed the internet and social media changed how we communicate or stay in touch. It is obvious that sales and marketing have changed as well. Earlier, sales and marketing used to be equally important processes and required just as much resources and investment. Today, sales is just the consequence and the process has been boiled down to just closing or converting a lead. The entire process until then is now marketing. That is where content comes in. You cannot expect to have the best sales team or salespeople and crack some unprecedented sales without effective content. The bottom line is: you have to create some compelling sales content.

1) Strategize Your Content Marketing.
Many companies occasionally publish a blog, sporadically post something on social media, indulge in video or article marketing once in a while and revisit their online marketing practices or campaigns once in a few months. Such approaches just don’t work. Unless you are serious and regular with your content marketing, there are others who are doing it right and will gain an advantage that you wouldn’t be able to manage or counter. You must decide the platforms where you would establish your brand, the kind of contents you will dabble in and the kind of omnipresence you want to create so you can get the required exposure. Awareness among your target audience is the foundation of everything for a company.

2) Offer Valuable Content to Your Target Audience.
Speaking about your products or trying to hard sell your services will not achieve anything. People don’t like to become stats, they don’t like their social network profiles or timelines being transformed to billboards or for companies to crowd their inbox with endless self serving emails. People want substance and valuable information that would help them and not the company. Hence, companies need to work on educational content, advice, tips and all kinds of articles, blog posts, videos and info-graphics that put the customers first.

3) Position Your Reader to Become a Customer.
Channeling or funneling the prospective audience through a very well thought sales process is quintessential. It is futile to generate traction and then to lose it on the landing page or in the process of checking out more information somewhere. From calls to actions and convincing content on landing pages to simplified signing up and freebies or tempting reasons to complete the transaction, sales contents will have to factor in the whole cycle as a seamless process.

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