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11 Vital Facebook News Feed Algorithm Tips


Here are some great points to keep in mind from this infographic…

1) Make use of what is public knowledge.
Facebook has an incredible range of factors that determine what news feed sources reach its users. While many elements of the underlying algorithms are hidden, other elements are public knowledge and should be utilized by you to improve your organic reach.

The four major factors that are known about include the device speed and internet of the user, the user’s past interaction with Facebook advertising, the posts a user hides or reports as spam is a factor, and post types that receive the most level of interaction from users. With this in mind, you can begin creating content more directly pointed at those you want to reach.

2) Utilize the EdgeRank criteria for news feed importance.
Facebook will utilize and work with any individuals capable of adding to the search algorithms function in a positive way. The EdgeRank pillars are an example of this. The first thing you should consider is decay. Simply put, the longer your post has been around on Facebook, the less importance it will have when placed organically by Facebook.

Another important thing to consider is weight. Articles that have videos and photos are often weighted higher then similar content with no media plug in. The last thing is affinity. This refers to how frequently a user will access the content from the company over newsfeed.

3) You will need to use strategies that that have proven results.
While everyone may have their own secret way of getting their information on the Facebook newsfeed, that doesn’t mean ignoring the tried and true methods for getting your information to spread organically. Along with adding media as stated above, be sure to post at off peak times.

While less people may see your post, it will be up longer and increase the chances that someone will see it more then once. Off peak times range from 10:00pm to 3:00am. In addition, share content that cannot be found anywhere else. From behind the scenes photos to incredible bits of trivia that only you and your business know, growing your brand means succeeding in spreading your message.

4) Understand the decline.
If your organic reach is declining, then understand that you are not alone. Every moment that passes by means that there is another company trying to do the same thing that you are doing. As people get better at controlling their newsfeed and Facebook changes its policies regarding the Newsfeed, the 18+ million businesses out there all have to compete.

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