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11 Impressive Smartphone Industry Statistics

The increase in computing power that the world has seen in the last two decades has been unparalleled in many industries. That is especially true for the smartphone industry, which didn’t even exist two decades ago! Thanks to modern computing technology, today’s smartphone is smarter than yesterday’s home PC system for a fraction of the comparable price.

Interesting Smartphone Statistics

There are more smartphones on the planet than there are humans.

Although not everyone has a smartphone, more people every year are converting to one. Information is proceeding rapidly, technology is becoming cheaper, which means the world is more global today than it ever has been before. What does that mean for our future?

Ownership Statistics

1. Only 9% of people around the globe do not own a smartphone. The vast majority of this population is located in developing nations.
2. 13 is the average age for someone to receive their first mobile phone.
3. More than 2 billion mobile devices will be shipped globally in the coming year.

Takeaway: Although not everyone owns a mobile device yet, the numbers are dramatically shrinking. Just two years ago, 17% of people didn’t own a mobile phone or device! In comparison, only 35% of people owned a smartphone two years ago. Today almost 60% of people do. Because the modern world moves at the speed of information, it is becoming necessary for more people than ever before to utilize the benefits that a smartphone provides.

Additional Smartphone Industry Statistics

1. Android-based smartphones are the most popular smartphones in use right now.
2. Apple dominates the app industry, accounting for the creation of 99.4% of the apps that were downloaded in 2013.
3. 2013 saw a record year for smartphone use, as nearly 50% said that they utilized their smartphones for typical PC functions, such as banking and shopping.
4. Apple’s iPhone is the highest rated smartphone in terms of customer satisfaction.
5. The average smartphone user utilizes at least 6 apps per month regularly to complement their lifestyle in some way.
6. Playing games make up 32% of the usage that smartphones get. Tied for second place are browsing the web or updating Facebook.
7. The mobile web is growing 8 times faster than the internet grew.
8. The average person spends almost 2 hours per day on their smartphone every day.

Takeaway: Part of the reason for the explosive growth of this industry is its combination of affordability and speed. The internet grew slowly because the technology just wasn’t in place initially to make it readily accessible. Imagine downloading a 2GB page through a 26k modem connection! Smartphones also make people feel more connected to each other and provide people with the chance to access information when needed, which makes it more attractive than other technologies when they first started up.

Smartphone Consumer Trends

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