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11 Real Places Famous Books Are Based On


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Reading a book is a great escape, but what happens when you’re ready for real adventure not found between the pages? Turning to your favorite stories is a great way to get inspiration for when you’re ready to plan any vacation, and this handy travel guide for bookworms can help get you started. Consider a few quick suggestions.

Harry Potter’s Castle

Alnwick Castle in England is over 1000 years old and was used for many scenes in the filming of the “Harry Potter” series. Visitors can tour the castle and take broom riding lessons with the resident “wizards” and can also walk the grounds seen in many shots in the films.

The Great Gatsby’s Hotel

The Plaza Hotel in New York City figures prominently in the original book and was used for the 2013 film adaptation starring Leonardo DiCaprio. In the story, Gatsby and Daisy were frequent visitors to the hotel and Gatsby was known for being in the Pulitzer Fountain at midnight for a regular dip.

Where Edward and Bella Met

For fans of the “Twilight” series, Forks, Washington, is the best choice for a vacation. This town hosts many “Twilight” themed tours that take visitors to the best hotspots from the books and movies, and it celebrates Stephanie Meyers Day on September 13, which is also Bella Swan’s birthday.

Sherlock Holmes’ Hometown

For fans of the classic mystery series, London is the best choice. Many stories of Holmes and his faithful assistant Watson were set in and around this age-old city, and anyone who loves the stories can enjoy getting a real feel for the surroundings by touring its many historic landmarks.

The Hunger Games Setting

The state of North Carolina filled in for many settings in the “Hunger Games” series of movies, and some areas hold mock games and competitions in their honor. If you love the books or are a fan of the movies, visit Henry River Mill Village or DuPont State for a truly authentic experience.

The Shining’s Creepy Hotel

“The Shining” is a classic Stephen King horror story that was developed into a very successful movie starring Jack Nicholson, and fans of either the book or film can tour the Overlook Hotel in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado. There you can see the setting for the movie and attend the annual horror film festival, or walk around the pristine yet someone eerily calm grounds surrounding the hotel.

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