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11 Great Marketing Strategies for Law Firms

In order for any marketing strategy to be successful for a law firm, the basics of marketing must be followed. Great ideas will only remain an idea until they are effectively communicated to your targeted demographic! People might be attracted to good ideas, but they will respond to a law firm that can prove a consistent reputation of success. That’s where any marketing strategy must be initially focused: the first impression.

A prospect of your law firm with judge how effective you are at your job in the first 30 seconds of exposure they have of your business. If you can reach them with your marketing strategy, then you have the ability to make those first 30 seconds count. If they don’t like what they see or hear in those first 30 seconds, they won’t work with you. That’s why reputation counts! If people are saying bad things about you, then you don’t get to control those first 30 seconds.

Best Law Firm Marketing Ideas

1. All Marketing Today Must Involve SEO
Although the Yellow Pages can still provide a few leads, having an effective web presence where you’re the dominant law firm in your community is much, much better. In order to be at the top of any search, you’ve got to maximize the search engine optimization of your website. Any website can be optimized down to a coding level to establish a new reputation, but you’ve got to start today.

2. Build Relationships
Modern marketing strategies must also involve networking in order to be successful. Customers today are focusing on the relationships that they form with businesses, including your law firm, as much as they ever have before! Without an effort at a relationship, your marketing efforts will fall onto deaf ears.

3. Online Relationships Count
Online relationships provide a secondary benefit to every marketing strategy because it shows you’ve got some level of niche expertise… or you don’t. This is why building organic links is such an important part of the online experience of your website. Trading links isn’t good enough. You want people linking into your website because that will show the search engines that you are being utilized as a resource.

4. Show Your Value
In your next marketing strategy, plan to give a little now in order to get a lot later. This is especially true with the content that you’re providing people through your website. Is a sales pitch in your content important? Absolutely! Without a call to action, you won’t spur people to investigate your reputation or the value that you could provide them. Your content must also be designed to solve a problem for someone in some way that is related to your targeted demographic. Many focus this content principle to their website, but it also applies to any copywriting in brochures, flyers, or print ads too.

5. Go Public
Having press releases to announce the outcomes you intend to get from your marketing strategies are good documents to have. The only difference today is that these press releases should be sent to your local bloggers and your social media network more often than being sent to the local press. You’ll get a lot more attention when you go down to the individual level because it’s another way to prove that you have your focus on the relationships you build first.

6. Share Socially
The results of every marketing strategy that is implemented today in any industry is enhanced with social sharing. It’s the principle that was initially defined with a couple drinks after work or a dinner meeting, but performed 24/7. With online social sharing, anyone can influence the quality of your strategies just by posting your content on their news feeds on their preferred social network. Make it easy for them to do so, remove barriers that might prevent this from happening, and you’ll get more value headed your way.

7. Track Your Progress
Value can be defined in a lot of ways, but the most overlooked value is personal progress toward your goal. In the United States especially, but true the world over to some extent, is a love of the underdog. If your marketing strategy is intended to take you from the depths of obscurity to the pinnacle of your industry in your community, then tell your story. Create a blog about it. Go modern and make a specific Instagram account.

8. Adopt a Paid Search Campaign
Old school PPC campaigns were difficult because they couldn’t be trimmed down to a very specific, local niche. Those days are gone. You can create a paid search campaign that will only target specific internet users in specific communities based on their public profiles. This will help you tailor your marketing pitch to your targets, have them delivered with impact, and you can even have them followed as they continue to search in some campaigns as well.

9. Convert Better
All of the modern marketing strategies tend to focus on the development of traffic. Having a large amount of traffic is good, but having a large amount of traffic that converts is a lot better. You’re not trying to become someone’s BFF. You’re trying to become their business partner, right? Make the value you can provide someone crystal clear and put the decision into their hands.

10. Develop Your Email
One of the best ROI campaigns that a law firm can take on is an email marketing campaign. Email open rates are generally about 10% to 20% at most, but there are programs out there that can help you optimize the timing of your emails so that they have a better chance to succeed. Look for a program with features like AudiencePoint can provide to maximize this aspect of your marketing.

11. Make Sure You’re Tracking
You won’t know if any marketing strategy is able to succeed unless you’re tracking the outcomes of them. There are a number of analytic processes that can help you make this become a reality. Google is the most commonly used program, but there are also optimization features through HubSpot that are beneficial as well.

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