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11 Pet Food Industry Statistics and Trends

Pet Food Industry Statistics

As of 2013, the pet food industry is estimated to be worth $21.26 billion in the United States alone. The dog food segment is considered the fastest growing in the pet food industry. This segment is estimated to grow at a rate of 26% through 2015 and broken down to the following categories.

– Dry Dog Food – $11.4 billion
– Wet Dog Food – $2 billion
– Dog Treats – $3 billion

Top 5 Pet Food Manufacturers

1. Mars Inc. – $14.7 billion
2. Nestle SA – $14.1 billion
3. Colgate-Palmolive Co. – $3.4 billion
4. Procter & Gamble Co. – $3.3 billion
5. Del Monte Foods Co. – $2 billion

A Dog’s Diet

A look at a typical day in the life of a dog and what they should eat.

Pet Food Trends

The pet food industry is moving towards these new trends in recent years.

Natural and Organic Products
An estimated $15 billion dollar industry and growing at a rate of 20%, natural and organic products are becoming more in demand along with pet treats, dietary supplements, shampoos and more.

Grain Free Nutrition
For years, veterinarians have been warning that the use of grain in good can cause allergies, itching, dull coats, and difficult digesting food. Because of this pet owners are looking for more grain free dietary solutions for their beloved canines that are both high quality, protein rich, and grain free.

Raw Diets
A diet based on raw meat and fresh, uncooked produced is a rising trend among pet owners. A raw food diet is said to increase stamina levels, improve teeth, create glossier coats, and improved weight control.

Choosing the Right Dog Food

The below infographic provides a guide to choosing the right dog food. With over 270 dog food recalled last year, an estimated $20.46 billion was spend on dogs last year. The United States is the number one country with 63% of Americans owning a dog.


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