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11 Incredible Text Message Marketing Tips


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Text message marketing is one of the most effective strategies to increase sales, exposure and to create brand awareness. While there are many interactive ways to market a product these days, text message marketing remains to be a popular and potent method.

Despite all the advantages of text message marketing of which a direct connect with the customer and the economics of it being the two most desirable benefits, text message marketing can fall headfirst and be absolutely ineffective if done wrong. Any company should invest fairly in text message marketing but more importantly, one should learn the best practices of the game.

The associated info-graphic is going to shed some light on how you should use text messages, what kind of marketing jargon you should be using, what the methods or strategies should be and would also tell you when to use text messages and how you should follow them up. You cannot randomly send text messages to any and sundry. The initiative should be targeted. You cannot send texts at any time of the day or night. The time should be cordial and it should be relevant. You cannot bombard a customer or a set of numbers with hundreds of texts in a week or even in a month. That would make the texts insignificant and the whole marketing initiative will tantamount to be a spam campaign.

You need to be careful with what you do. Texts need to be short, crisp and precise. There should be a purpose. There should be sufficient declaration, lucid instructions, customers should have the option to react or interact and should also be able to unsubscribe from the text messages should they want so.

Beyond the conventional practices of text message marketing, today there is a lot more you can do. Push notifications, GPS based messaging systems, offering step by step guidance to specific shops or counters while in a mall or mart and a lot more has become possible. Companies should take such developments into consideration while formulating a text message marketing strategy. The simplest and sweetest text messages are those that offer some unbelievable discounts on some popular items but there is more that can be done and quite effectively.

Explore the info-graphic, notice the subtle tips and the obvious information and use all those precious advice to craft a game changing text message marketing campaign. The new paradigm of text messages allows enough room for innovation. There can be technological innovations and in regards to content. The sense of awe or surprise should be there as blatant messages or done to dust techniques don’t work. While reinvention would be the niche of marketers, strategists should be able to devise campaigns that drive the message home. In the same vein, you will get some reality checks in the info-graphic, something as simple as using normal lingo and not shorthand or abbreviated words which have become commonplace in mobile texting or messaging.

Have the right strategies and simple texts can be used for desirable impacts.

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