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11 High School Graduation Announcement Wording Ideas

The first large milestone experienced in your child’s academic life is graduating from High School. Successfully making it to adulthood and receiving their diploma is a symbol to their new life to start. The help celebrate this momentous occasion, the following series of high school graduation announcement wording ideas provide a collection to the types of messages you can use while planning their party.

[name] are graduating, so we’re celebrating. Please join us for a Graduation Party given by their proud parents [name].

[parents names] request that you reserve the date [day of week], the [date and year] for the Graduation of their daughter, [name].

As seniors, we all have our own ambitions and our own individual dreams to pursue. Wherever our separate pathways take us we’ll always be the Class of 20xx. [name] is graduating. Please join us for his commencement.

Celebrate… School is done! Lookout world, here I come! [name] will graduate from [school]. [name] Open House Party.

Every yesterday is a memory of dreams. Every tomorrow is a vision of hopes. Please share in our joy as our son, [name] will graduate from [school] on [date].

The future belongs to us. We can make a difference if we believe. [parents name] cordially invite you to a Graduation Open House in honor of our son/daughter, [name].

There is no greater joy than watching your child achieve an academic milestone in his life. Please join us to celebrate a High School Milestone at a Graduation Party for our son, [name] on [date].

We came to this place together to learn, to grow, and to share. Time and space may separate us but wherever our pathways lead us we’ll always be the Class of 20xx from [school]. Please join us to celebrate [name] graduation.

We can’t believe how time flies she’s growing up before our eyes. After years of hard work and dedication it’s time to further her education. [name] is graduating from [school].

We do not fear the future for we are the future because of what we have achieved and what we will achieve. Join us for the graduation of our daughter, [name] on [date] at [school].

With the passing of time we have acquired knowledge understanding and friendship. With the help of many we are prepared to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Please join us at the graduation of our son, [name].

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