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11 Great User Engagement Tips for Your Website


5 Tips To Increase User Engagement On Your Website Today

One of the biggest challenges for domain owners is to engage their audience. Many targeted users may visit a website every day, but all they end up doing is reading the content that’s been posted and then move on. Without engagement, your site’s rankings are going to suffer in one way or another. From comments on posts that have been made to sharing posts on their social networks, a company’s success or failure depends on engagement.

Here’s 5 essential tips to help you improve it right away:

Tip #1: Utilize Google Trends
Google Trends is your new best friend, whether it is right now already or not. With Google Trends, you get to see what the hot searches are for in real time, allowing you to adjust your new content accordingly. By posting information that people are interested in discovering, you’ll increase your targeted visitor base, have more marketing opportunities, and ultimately increase engagement because people are interested in what you’ve got.

Tip #2: Optimize Your Hosting Plan
It’s true that some people still remember the days of dial-up internet fondly. Most people, however, are interested in having the fastest experience on the internet that is possible. A page that has a slow load time is a page that is destined to fail. Talk to your hosting company about making sure your domain is on a plan that gives your site the right amount of space to keep load times around 1 second so that people aren’t tempted to grab a snack while your site loads.

Tip #3: Kill Off Pages With High Bounce Rates
Some pages people just don’t seem to like for whatever reason. If you’ve got pages that have more than a 85% bounce rate, then get rid of them. If people are bouncing from your site because of terrible content, chances are they aren’t going to come back when you do have content that may be valuable because of their poor previous experience. Some marketers kill pages that have a bounce rate of more than 65% because of that reason!

Tip #4: Make Your Site Mobile Friendly
More people than ever before are using their smartphones to browse the internet. If your pages are compatible with that smartphone in a friendly way, and especially your registration pages, you’ll end up losing mobile visitors because it will be difficult for them to engage. It’s not too difficult to format a site to be mobile friendly – many hosting companies even have the code available in their hosting plans and all you’ve got to do is turn the option on.

Tip #5: Consider Installing Imonomy
One of the biggest issues a domain faces are usable images that correspond with the content provided. Copyright issues, personality rights, and other publication concerns make scraping images nearly impossible today, yet most people don’t have a photographer’s eye. By incorporating Imonomy, you get to take advantage of their text recognition dynamics that will automatically assign a picture to your content.

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