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11 Findings About INTP and INFJ Relationship Compatibility

Finding compatibility isn’t as simple as asking for their personality type and then trying to form a relationship. However, understanding how you think and act based on your personality type can help you better understand how to help with and get to know others better.

The INTP and INFJ personalities are very similar respects and really opposite at other times. This dynamic makes for really interesting relationships that can have many unique experiences at times. Let’s look at 11 findings about INTP and INFJ relationship compatibility so you know how to better interact with others.

1. May differ on initial attraction
Many people tend to make their first judgments and base attraction off the first six seconds of meeting someone, so this makes forming a relationship somewhat difficult. The INTP personality has a fairly open and brutally honest way of looking at things that may come off as too strong upon first meeting.

On the other hand, the INFJ personality is more about understanding how things work and taking them for what they could be. This conflict may not appear upon first interactions, but there is potential for it to start a relationship off on the wrong foot.

2. Share differences in what drives you
While both of these personalities are acknowledged as having a decent drive behind them, the driving force is quite different between them. The INTP person will have a drive that is based on a logical approach to seeing things through and looks to find the most efficient way of getting a task completed.

The INFJ person wants to make things better too, but they go about it in a more humanitarian way that relies on finding solutions that have people in mind and look to improve the lives of others.

3. Often disagree about the meaning of a conversation
In a similar sense to the difference of values, the disagreement between what a conversation is really about may also come up between these two personalities. INTP personalities take a much more logical approach to conversations and tend to look for factual and concrete meaning about what another person says.

Conversely, the INFJ personality looks for deeper meaning from a conversation that looks to find what a person really wants to say when in conversation. This may lead to seemingly conflicting conversations that lead to more resistance than understanding.

4. Help each other make better decisions
Many of the differences between the personalities may seem contrasting up until this point, but they all lead to a very important middle ground. If you see someone with an INTP mindset looking at things from a purely analytical and efficiency-based perspective, you can guide them with humanity to a better solution.

On the other hand, someone acting with an INFJ personality can benefit from the help of a rational and realistic approach to situations that can make a real impact.

5. Projects may face misunderstanding between parties
The same way that can help make the relationship stronger through decision making also has the power to lead to additional conflict. These personalities are very good at looking at what needs to be done and the goals that are to be assigned but are not very good at actually executing and getting things done.

You may think you both have everything in check, but the reality is that you could be in completely different books while thinking you are on the same page.

6. Interesting and meaningful conversations are possible
The mindset and way of thinking of these two personalities may be aimed in different directions, but they both have interesting ideas and concepts to offer. It takes some time for the personalities to actually get connected and get past the initial introduction, but a great connection can be waiting on the other side.

These personalities are definitely both deep and thoughtful, but actually getting to the point of enriching conversation requires effort and energy on both sides.

7. Both want to make things better
The values you share with another person are far more important than any conversation or potential conflict that you may face. There are many differences between these two personalities, both they are both strongly committed to improving the world and making it a better place for all.

The methods and reasoning for doing so may not be identical, but these personalities are both trying to make a difference. Often times that is all you need to connect with someone.

8. Conflicting ideals will arise at times
On the contrary to sharing values, it may seem at times like the other person is misguided. For the INTP personality, they may look at business and scientific advances that could make people money and see that as a positive change in the world.

For the INFH personality, they may want to see less famine and poverty in the world through their vision of the future. Your values may both be to help others, but what you define as helping could be very different.

9. Makes for a good pairing for a better world view
So far, we have seen a very fluid and unique contrast between the INTP and INFJ personalities. This almost Ying and Yang like flow between the personalities makes for a lot of potential for improvement. As one persona acts with logic and the other with passion, great things can arise.

The INTP can share ways to use logic to help other people and the INFJ can use logic and hard evidence to help give the humanitarian side of things some realistic backing. Through giving and learning from each other, these two personalities can experience an unbelievable world view.

10. Differences in lifestyle are present
Many people are very picky about how their spaces are kept and organized, and this is true for one of these personalities. For the INTP person, organization and clean spaces may seem overrated and like a waste of time. They see little reason for a perfectly organized room and let mess build up.

The INFJ person, however, likes to keep things relatively organized and in the right place. This could clearly lead to some conflict unless action is taken to find a common ground that both parties can agree on.

11. Both enjoy peaceful time together
After all the conflict is done and you have had your intellectual discussions, both personalities can agree on relaxing and spending quiet time together. These personalities both forgo the desire for going out and socializing in favor of spending time alone to recharge and get more energy back.

This means that they can understand when the other doesn’t want to go out and just spend that time in peace. Despite their differences, these personalities seem to find their peace after some time has passed.


The similarities and differences between these two personalities can be naturally inclined to disagree at times, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Having an alternate view of the world can help complement and expand your mind in all the right ways. These 11 findings about compatibility between INTP and INFJ personalities shows you the potential that their relationship can have when properly grown.

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