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11 Ecommerce Mistakes that Destroy Conversions


Whether it is a general website or ecommerce, more companies get it wrong than those that get it right. There are numerous ways to go wrong with your ecommerce strategy. Hence, if you have to succeed, you need to know the ecommerce mistakes which you would be likely to make. Accordingly, you must avoid those mistakes to succeed.

The Ultimate Guide To Ecommerce Mistakes is a series on the various types of errors and mistakes that companies commit, some intentionally and some unknowingly. You cannot have room to go wrong with anything on your ecommerce website, whether it is the design or the content. In Customer Experience Mistakes, you will be able to get accustomed to some very common and some rare mistakes which most companies commit.

When you put up an ecommerce website, you need your audience to trust you. More than anything else, a prospective customer must be able to have faith in your company. The customers should not be uncomfortable to share their financial details, they should not find your claims or products to be suspicious and they should certainly not have any doubts in their mind about the intent of your brand. Only then will your company be able to convince people to buy whatever you are offering.

While gaining trust has to be the topmost priority of an ecommerce company, you have to do it professionally. There are too many amateur ecommerce websites or online stores out there. While some may get to enjoy some sales, most of them will fail to make it to the top. Websites have to be designed professionally. There is no room for errors, be it a minor issue with spelling or portraying a wrong image of the brand. From the design of the website to every piece of content that goes up there, everything should be done professionally. You can explore a few ecommerce sites and you would know how much the companies care about and invest into the professional design, accuracy of content and proper presentation of the brand.

The Ultimate Guide To Ecommerce Mistakes will also shed some light on the aspect of overfeeding information onto different web pages, sending confusing signals, wrong messaging, limited information pertaining to certain sections of the site or some products and having an exhaustive buying process for your customers. Explore the info-graphic and create a better ecommerce presence.

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