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100 Most Successful Email Subject Lines Since 2006

Subject lines of emails, messages, letters and online announcements are of phenomenal importance. Subject lines can determine whether or not the recipient or recipients would be interested in reading the message or the content being posted or shared.

The following infographic provides a guide of how B2B marketers are using email to market their organization with the most effective features to incorporate with their efforts.

Email Marketing Statistics

In the virtual world, people are drowned with information. There is an over flooding of solicited and unsolicited emails, messages and all kinds of communications and correspondences. Every company is vying for that few seconds’ worth of attention from their target audience and it is the same audience that is often targeted by dozens of different brands at the same time, using the same medium and trying to grab their attention with similar contents or offers. To ensure that a company’s messaging is unique the subject line must be unique.

Transforming Your Marketing Methods

When companies come up with cool, popular, trendy or unconventional, unique or thought provoking, emotional or quirky subject lines, any reader or recipient of the material or message would instantly get hooked onto the content. If nothing else, the recipients would pause for a moment, check out the message and spend a few seconds before determining whether or not they would be interested further. Your main content which is the message itself must be enticing too so you can garner the attention of your audience but unless your subject line rings a bell or makes an impact, albeit desirable, you really don’t get a chance to put forth your message. You shall be unable to get your audience to actually read the message or understand what you are trying to convey.

100 Inspiring Subject Lines is a compilation of the finest subject lines used over the years since 2006. Email marketing has been around for more than two decades and 2006 seems to be a long way since its nascent days. Naturally, after years of transformation and evolution, one should expect email messaging and marketing to become out of the box. You can explore each of these inspiring subject lines and understand what they are trying to achieve.

There are various strategies deployed in every subject line listed in the compilation but there is one thing they all have in common. Every subject line is interesting to an extent that it becomes enticing or captivating. You will pause to read these subject lines and you will click on the message to read further. You may not be interested to take up on the offer or proposition but you cannot avoid the compulsion that these subject lines will subject you to.

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