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100 Best Twitter Accounts to Follow for Business and Marketing Tweets

Twitter, the micro-blogging site, has become the world’s most popular social media. Right from the American president to the Pope, celebrities to an aspiring journalist or writer, all and sundry are on Twitter. Every major brand and even a start up company has a presence on the social media phenomenon. The basic premise of Twitter is about following people you want and to track everything that they say or share.

Among hundreds of millions of users on Twitter, you cannot possibly follow each and everyone. You simply cannot. You must have a short list of people whom you wish to follow or must follow. Here is a list of 100 people whom you must absolutely follow on Twitter.

Of all the users out there to follow, the below infographic lists the top social media influencers that make a difference

Top Social Media Influencers

The Best People to Follow

Everyone has a certain purpose to be on Twitter. You may be on the site to get as much information as you want. Someone else may only seek entertainment from social media. You might look for brighter career opportunities on the site. You may also have an interest to know more about the people you look up to. Regardless of what purpose you have to be on Twitter, these top 100 people must be followed.

Some of the personalities on the list, as you would discover in the slideshow, have precious information to share. Some are experts in their industry and can provide insights. Some would help you to get better at what you do. Some users are that of companies and brands that share very important updates about the world, specific industries and information pertaining to certain sectors. All these profiles are important in their own way. It is necessary to highlight that these people are not all the obvious profiles that everyone knows of. Some profiles are albeit that of famous personalities who have significant contributions in their respective industries and career. But there are many who are not very known, at least among the general social media users. These people can play an important role in your life, career or social media experience, which is why they are on this list.

Using Twitter with the Greatest Effectiveness

The idea of using Twitter lays in the basic requirement of obtaining information, the more the better. With these 100 people to follow on Twitter, you shall be able to get all the relevant information that you need. You can certainly choose whom to follow and who to not follow but each of these 100 profiles deserve to be listened to.

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