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10 Year Internet Marketshare Report


Who is “Winning” the Internet?

Since the dawn of the internet, things have certainly changed. Over the years browsers have changed by leaps and bounds. Social media has turned things around for advertising, marketing, and connecting with others. The advent of the cell phone to surf the internet has also changed both how we use phones, what we buy them for, and what operating systems on our phones we rely on. Although personal computers still mostly continue to be a Windows dominated market, we are seeing evolution on every other front. So, who is winning? Read on to learn more.

Browser Wars

In the last decade, browsers have come and gone. The industry leaders are still Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Both Opera and Safari have a very small market share, probably because they are mostly used on Mac and Linux systems, neither of which account for a huge portion of the market. Internet Explorer has long been overshadowed, at this point, by both Chrome and Firefox, and its popularity is on the decline. Firefox seems to be declining in use, as well. Chrome is currently the most popular browser available, on a steady up-take.

Social Media

Social media allows us to instantly connect with people, places, brands, and things immediately from our computers, tablets, or mobile devices. These services are free, but have made lots of money for lots of people. Myspace is no longer hip, and still declining in popularity. Friendster is no longer around since 2011, but now offers social gaming. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter dominate this game, but none quite as much as Facebook. Facebook has over 1 billion users, worldwide. Twitter is in a very far behind second with only over 200 million users that log-in at least monthly.

Mobile Battles

Samsung is the larger supplier of mobile devices today. Where Nokia, LG, and Motorola are all falling behind, Apple and ZTE are, at least, on the upswing to gain a larger market share. Apple is the most popular in the US, but not so elsewhere. When it comes to what mobile operating system is the most popular globally, there is just no competition: android clearly wins it. Apple win in the US with their iOS system, but everywhere else Android is the system to watch. Rim, Windows, and Symbian do not really come close to either of these giants in this competition.

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