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10 Ways to Maximize Your Workspace

Maximize Workspace Efficiency

Boosting Productivity through Smart Workplace Space Use

The amount of workspace you need is dependent upon what type of services or business you are in, how many workers you employee, and more. Most of all, you want your workers to be free to get to where they need to go, and help them to feel more comfortable and never cramped. This can be a tricky task, especially when working with a smaller space. How can you make your current workplace feel more open, easier to navigate, and even make your workers more productive? We have some tips for you.

Get Social!

You want your workers to be able to meet in fun, new spaces, and to be able to take breaks in areas where they feel comfortable. Think of common areas like open conference and meeting rooms. In areas like this, workers can actually be more productive and creative, even if the space is not formally set-up as a work room. Spaces like this encourage informal meetings and bonding. Also encourage your workers to take a break, and give them a comfortable break room in which to do it. Try to get everyone to take short breaks during the day.

Expanding, Partitioning, and Office Furniture

Want to spread out? Why not spread up? Expanding through the use of things like mezzanines can give you extra places to work, play, or store things. Best of all, you can save time and money over a move. Install partitions (perhaps glass ones to still make the space feel open, but private) in order to give more private feeling spaces to meet and greet. Not enough room for partitions? Think about eliminating office furniture that you do not need, and perhaps opting for desks that are a bit smaller to allow for the change.

Go Green(er)

Going greener has its benefits. Think about where and how you can take advantage of natural light. This type of light makes workers feel better. If you must use lighting indoors, try overhead lighting. Makes as much of your business as paperless as possible, as this helps to reduce costs and needed storage space. Speaking of saving space: again, try to get as much useless items as possible out of your office, and encourage workers to keep their desks clean. And for places where you need storage, think about portable storage and how you can use it to free-up more space.

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