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10 Voicemail Tips When Sales Prospecting


Leaving messages on a voicemail can be a marketing tool, but you need to know how to craft the perfect voicemail. This means that you need to know how to make your prospecting voicemail stand out in a good way to ensure that this method really can be a good marketing tool for your business or brand. With the popularity of caller id, most people will not answer an unknown number, so voicemail is your only option for communication and you need to make it count. Here are the key takeaways from this infographic.

1) Be Upfront
You need to be upfront with your business or brand and why you are calling. If you are straightforward, you are much more likely to be effective with your voicemail marketing method. You need to be honest about how many times you have called before, if at all. If you are straight forward, you will be seen as brand that can be trusted and people will not be able to see through your marketing voicemails.

2) Plan Out Message
You also need to make sure that the message that is left on the voicemail is professional and planned. You do not want to misspeak or convey a message that is not ideal. You need to come off as professional and this is only possible if you are sure to leave a message that has been planned and carefully crafted to get the exact message that you desire across to the listener. Having a voicemail that is filled with mistakes will only assure that it is deleted and that no action occurs as a result of the voicemail. You need to have what you want to say ready before you hear the beep. Trying to wing a prospective voicemail is never a good plan of attack.

3) Make Them Care
You also need to make sure that you are appealing to the consumer in some way. You can’t just spend the entire voicemail focused on only your product or service alone. You need to make sure that you connect the product or service to the consumer and show them why they need it and how it matters to them. It all comes down to value and what your product can offer that they have a need for. This is the only way that your voicemail will have any impact at all is if you relate your product directly to the consumer.

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