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10 Vital Tips for Creating SEO Friendly URLs


Here are some important takeaways to remember from the above infographic…

1) Readable URL
Keep your URL easy to comprehend. If a human can not read your URL or it does not make sense to the human reader than it is very likely that the search engines are going to pass it by. The simpler the better.

2) Only Hyphens
Google does not understand underscores so if your website looks like your_website you are not going to get traffic. Your website has to look like your-website for Google to see you.

3) Put Content In Its Place
Make sure your top content is in the root folder. Simple yes. Important yes.

4) Lower Case Please
To avoid confusing humans and search engines only use lower case letters in your URL. Capital letters can easily make your website null in the search results. Most people do not even realize that search engines use case sensitive search techniques so if your website URL looks like YouR Website no one will find it.

5) Block The Bad
Be sure you let search engines know that you want to block dynamic URL’s. It will keep the clutter and the danger down.

6) Add Mobile URL’s
Add mobile URL’s to site maps so that they can get ranked higher.

7) No Duplicates
Avoid duplicate penalties by telling search engines the preferred pages and preferred domain. It will cut down on confusion and keep you closer to the top of the results. Google and other search engines penalize sites that have duplicate pages by putting them on the bottom of the list of results.

8) Use a Favicon
Build trust for your site by uploading a favicon. It is an easy step to take to improve your search results.

9) Let Google Know About Changes
Use 301 redirects to let Google know about changes to your URL. It is a lot easier than losing traffic because Google can not find you.

10) Add A Keyword To Your Domain
Use a keyword at the end of your domain. Google and other search engines “read” your URL to insure that they are sending people in the right direction. Adding a keyword to the end of your URL makes it easier for the search engines to “see” you.

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