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10 Stupendous Alan G. Robinson Quotes

Dr. Alan G Robinson specializes in lean production, managing continuous improvement, creativity, ideas, and innovation. Co-authoring more than a half dozen books, here is a look at some of the best Alan G. Robinson quotes to think about.

“Across organizations in services, manufacturing, healthcare and government, eighty percent of an organization’s improvement potential lies in front-line ideas.”

“After years of operating in a top-down manner that emphasizes control and conformance, organizations are rife with obstacles to bottom-up ideas that front-line staff are forced to overcome.”

“As managers rise up the hierarchy, a host of situational forces come to bear on them which can easily undermine their respect for the people on the front lines, and hence cause them to disregard the value in front-line ideas.”

“Convincing a leader of the value of front-line ideas alone is rarely enough for that person to overcome years of entrenched bad habits and to change his management style.”

“Employee ideas illustrate the profound understanding of a company’s capabilities and customers that only people working on the front-lines can possess.”

“From reserved parking places to separate bathrooms, the last things managers need are extravagant status symbols that tell them that they are better than the people who work for them.”

“People with power do not regulate their behavior as much. They become egocentric and preoccupied with their own self-interest, which eclipses their awareness of the interests of others.”

“Research has found that in most companies managers who get promoted rapidly spend most of their time networking and politicking, while their more effective colleagues spent their time building their units and developing their people.”

“Try this: Identify a bottom-up improvement or innovation in your organization, and interview the person who championed it. Chances are you will find a hero story of some kind. Why do we have to be heroes to implement perfectly good ideas?”

“Very few managers know how to effectively tap the biggest source of performance improvement available to them: namely, the creativity and knowledge of the people who work for them.”

Dr. Alan G. Robinson takes some time to discuss the lean nation and operating in an idea driven organization. Placing himself on the best seller list, his book is considered to be a must read for any business leader.

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