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10 Secrets of Successful Mobile Apps


Did you know that Apple claims that some 800 apps are downloaded by their customers every second? Since 2008 their customers have downloaded some 500 billion apps! Imagine being the creator of one of their hottest apps; not only would you be helping millions of people but you could also become very, very rich in the process.

Consider some very vital tips for creating a successful and useful app that will be appreciated by its users.

1. Clearly Define the Purpose of the App

If users don’t understand the purpose of the app, they typically won’t be interested in downloading it. Those who use apps on their mobile phones do so because they know the app will be useful, entertaining, or otherwise serve some definitive purpose.

2. Know Your Target Audience

If you create an app for women, you need to understand what would interest a woman in that particular app. If your app is for teens, you’ll need a different marketing strategy than you would use for adults. Even within these groups, there are smaller target audiences, for example, your app might be for professional women versus stay-at-home moms or for men who work out versus an app used by men looking for a job. As with any other product, you need to know your target audience before you even begin conceptualizing your product.

3. Keep it Simple

The appeal of apps is that they’re simple and direct, and easy to use. An app should provide value to the user but don’t assume it should work the same as an entire computer program. Keep it simple and it will be more useful and appreciated.

4. Know How to Work with a Developer

If a developer is applying your idea and creating your app, be sure you have it in writing that you own the source code. This will ensure you keep your idea and application even if you change developers or decide to improve the app down the road.

5. Be Ready with a Marketing Plan

Because there are so many apps on the market today, you need to be ready to market yours and make it stand out. Simply adding it to the Apple store or putting it online is not enough; you need to market the idea and the concept of your app aggressively in order for sales to be successful.

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