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10 Remarkable Tumblr Marketing Tips


Did you know that only about 31% of the top 100 brands are using Tumblr right now? The fact is that Tumblr is an effective marketing tool that is simply being underused. Your company can benefit more than you can even imagine by simply taking advantage of Tumblr. This blogging platform might seem small, but huge marketing potential exists in this platform. If you want to take hold of every online marketing opportunity, you need to start with Tumblr. This platform is still young, but it has revenues per visit that are the most comparable to Facebook. Why not see what untapped marketing potential exists at Tumblr?

What is it Like?

The main reason that Tumblr is underutilized can be linked to the fact that many businesses simply don’t know what this blogging platform is all about. The best way to describe Tumblr is to compare it to a combination of sites like WordPress, Facebook and Pinterest all wrapped into one. The blogging aspect of this site is similar to WordPress, but the ability to utilize social features is what brings to mind similarities to Facebook. Don’t forget about the fact that Tumblr is a great way to post images in a similar way to Pinterest. You get the best part of numerous sites by simply utilizing Tumblr.

Becoming a Serious Contender

The figures do not lie and they clearly show that Tumblr is gaining ground and becoming a serious contender in the battle for the best marketing website. The average revenue per visit is $1.10, which is second only to Facebook. This means that Twitter, Pinterest and the rest of the social sites are behind this gaining giant. Yahoo bought Tumblr just last year for about $1 billion dollars, so you know that the future for this site is limitless and will only continue to grow.

Make Tumblr Work For You

Using Tumblr as a marketing tool for your business is not as complex as you might expect. You can benefit by making sure that you focus on images and try to stay within a niche that is directly connected to your business. Linking to your website and linking images to your actual Tumblr page will help you tap into the marketing potential in a short amount of time. Why not give it a try and see why Tumblr is creating so much buzz?

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