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10 Really Cool Employee Incentive Program Examples


You might think that all jobs are the same, but chances are you have not yet had a job in some of the very best work environments. There are incentives that can be offered on the workplace that keep the staff motivated and help to reduce turnover. This means that it is time that you learned what some of the best companies are offering to employees and how some of the best businesses are keeping their staff satisfied. Here are the biggest takeaways from this infographic.

1) Flexible Schedule
One thing that employees are really look for in their job is a schedule that is not so strict. This means that they are most satisfied when they have a schedule that is designed to be more flexible. This is good for both businesses and employees because it allows employees to have a bit more freedom and it also makes employees more productive in the workplace. This means that it offers the best of both worlds to both businesses and employees. Some of the businesses that offer the most flexible schedules to employees are Netflix and Weeble. At Netflix your hours are not tracked and you take vacations whenever you desire. What could be better?

2) Food
This might seem like a most basic need, but it is meeting the most basic needs that can keep people the happiest. This means offering the perk of free food in the office is an incentive that can keep your staff on track and most productive. There are some businesses that make food a major priority. Google is one of the businesses that has taken this approach. If you work at Google, you are never more than 200 feet away from free food. You also have a wide selection of free food that you can choose from. This means that you can make sure that you are never hungry again in the workplace. If you are looking for a good incentive to offer employees, food might be something that you consider. Everyone needs food to survive and thrive.

3) Gifts
There is nothing that shows your appreciation more than a gift. This means that the businesses that reward their staff with gits are sure to have employees that are motivated and looking to succeed for the business. Johnson and Johnson is one of the businesses that offers gifts to employees that excell at their job as a reward.

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