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10 Proven Ways to Get More Leads


Generating leads online can be difficult. However, having your finger on the pulse of possible leads is one of the most important things that you can do for your business. IT allows you to find new customers quickly and easily. Using your website as a tool to find new leads can be extremely effective. It can also be somewhat difficult when you do not approach it in the right way. Here, we will let you in on a few secret weapons for generating new leads online, as outlined by the above infographic.

1) Pop Ups.
A variety of pop ups can be added to your website to gather information about your customers. One of your best bets to get customers to opt into your site is the 15-second pop up overlay. Be sure to not make your overlay appear for too long on your page, however. If an overlay seems too obtrusive, try a slide-in pop-up that appears as the customer scrolls the page. A third pop up method that is often used is the exit pop up. This asks for information right as a potential customer is about to navigate away from a page.

2) Landing Pages.
Landing pages are a great way to gather a lot of information about a visitor to your webpage. A very successful one is one that is custom designed for your page. Just ask customers to provide their name and email, here. Include on this page an interesting video about your product or service. You can also offer custom webpages based upon how your potential clients found you. A welcome gate is another simple type of landing page that can work wonders for your webpage. It appears as the first thing that customers see when they try to enter your website.

3) Boxes and Bars.
Boxes and bars are pretty typical ways of gathering information and trying to sell products. A hello bar is the perfect place to give away free stuff, or ask customers to sign up for special offers. This goes on the top of your page. You can also put a bar like this on the side of your webpage, too. It gets the point across without seeming too overwhelming or even desperate. Feature boxes are yet another option. These are big, colorful banners at the top of your webpage asking clients for information.

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