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10 Pros and Cons of Adobe Illustrator

Sometimes you need to have a top of the line graphics program. You need something that works with vector and raster graphics. You also need something that you can easily access from whatever workstation or computer you happen to be on. Thanks to the Creative Cloud, Adobe Illustrator is one of the most popular software programs that can help you meet those needs very effectively.

Are you thinking about downloading this graphics application right now? Before you do, take a few moments to review these key pros and cons of Adobe Illustrator to make sure that it is right for you.

What Are the Pros of Adobe Illustrator?

1. It works with virtually all systems.
You don’t have to answer the PC or Mac question. You can even be on an open source operating system. Adobe Illustrator works with virtually any computer as long as it isn’t more than 5-7 years old. Just connect to your Creative Cloud account, download the software, and you’re ready to rock your graphics.

2. It integrates very well with other Adobe products.
If you’re already using products like Flash or Photoshop, then you won’t believe how well Illustrator is going to work for you. Once you learn how to use this app, you’ll be able to create whatever your imagination is able to produce. There are so many new distortion effects and slicing options that you can do virtually anything.

3. You are able to improve your precision.
If you want graphics that are designed with precision, then Illustrator is the app for you. It’s perfect for design projects of any size or scope, especially when you need to start from scratch. Many designers will finish an Illustrator project in Photoshop to put on the finishing touches, but the bulk of the work is done in AI.

4. You have infinite resolution with the vectors in AI.
In some ways, this feature is nice because then you don’t have to deal with pixels in your graphic design. This allows you to work with high resolution graphics in a superior way. The end result is a flat, clean image that is suitable for the web or for print if you prefer. Your images are also scalable to an infinite degree without losing resolution, allowing you to keep the sharp lines that make your designs stand out.

5. It supports multiple page outputs.
When you’re working on a website, sometimes you need to work on multiple pages at once to get a feel of the complete design. AI allows you to do just that. Most other programs force you into a system which provides single page support only.

What Are the Cons of Adobe Illustrator?

1. It has a very steep learning curve.
Unless you’re already familiar with one of the previous versions of this product, it is going to take you some time to get up to speed. Even with the latest release, more than a few veterans of this product have found that they need to spend some time with the product to get to know many of the newer features.

2. You’ve got to have an eye for the fine details of your art.
You can create a very realistic photo-quality drawing with Adobe Illustrator. This also requires an enormous level of patience on the designer’s part and the ability to see the fine details in their work. This is not an app to use if you need to design something in the next 5-10 minutes.

3. Although the files are relatively small, they can sometimes be difficult to share.
This depends on the setup of your network. Certain email programs, file-sharing systems, and other transferring options don’t like to use AI files because of their size. They are rather small compared to similar programs that are on the market today, but when you’re dealing with graphics, you are dealing with files that are much bigger than your average text file.

4. There is limited photo editing.
This is why many people will use AI to design their initial graphics and then they’ll finish up in Photoshop. You get a superior level of vector support, the page layouts are pretty good in AI, and you can’t beat its special effects, but for that final level of touch-up work you’ll typically need to look elsewhere to get what you need.

5. It does not handle pixel art.
It’s advantage in not dealing with pixels is also a disadvantage. Sometimes you want to include pixel art and AI isn’t going to allow you to do so.

The pros and cons of Adobe Illustrator show that it is a useful app with many possibilities. Contain the negatives and you’ll be able to successfully design whatever your imagination is able to create.

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