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10 Places to Visit Before They Dissappear


Are you an avid traveler? Do you have a travel bug in you that urge you to explore new places and see the world beyond the confinements of the city, town and state you live in? There is nothing quite like travelling. Exploring new places, seeing landscapes that you didn’t think existed or were only possible by the virtue of special effects, watching wildlife that you had no clue of and cherishing the moments at some of the most beautiful places in the world can all be a once in a lifetime experience. A good holiday creates more memories than years of work and living a normal life.

Travelling becomes even more necessary when you realize that there are some amazing places in the world which would not be around forever. While nothing lasts forever, there are some things that last for a very short period of time. There are a few dozen places in the world that would not be around in the near future. If you don’t travel to these places now, then you would either miss out on visiting them, ever, or when you visit the places, you would not explore them at their glorious best.

Have you ever wondered what happened to the landscape of Madagascar? Those who have been there a few decades back fail to recognize the various places in Madagascar. It hasn’t disappeared. It’s just that the forests are being destroyed, the wildlife has already shrunk to an unprecedented low and the entire ecology out there is under threat. If you don’t visit the place now then you may end up visiting a concrete jungle in the future, instead of the wonderful land that you may have got a glimpse of in the animated movies and on some television shows.

From the islands of Maldives to the Alps, Venice to the Dead Sea, there are 10 Places To See Before They Are Gone. Explore the info-graphic and set aside the dates when you would like to explore some of these wonders before they cease to exist. If the Great Barrier Reef in Australia is being threatened by coral bleaching then Venice is sinking. The Dead Sea is shrinking and the Alps are losing their ice caps and snowy terrains.

The world may not be the same as it is now and some places would certainly not be the same. Some would not exist at all. Experience such places before they are gone.

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