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10 People that Found Great Success After Turning 60


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Life has numerous beginnings and several ends. While birth and death mark the biological beginning and end of a life, there are distinctly different phases in the entire journey. It is these phases that become most important and not the entire life. The most successful people in the world will have certain phases, however short they may be, which they would like to forget or revisit and change. Everyone has happy and sad phases, times when one fails and times when one succeeds. It is post the accomplishment of success that life truly begins. Now, one can debate what success truly is but simply put, it is an event that marks the end of your days of aspirations, longings and failures to replace the same with rewards, recognition and happiness.

The Road to Success

Some people succeed at a very tender age. There are wonder stories about teenagers selling their ideas for a few million bucks. There are stories of adolescent kids becoming bestselling authors. There are innumerable kids around the world who have made it considerably big in sports. Then you have the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, who made millions and some of them veered over a billion before they turned 30. From the likes of Daniel Radcliffe who made millions working in movies even before he turned eighteen to the likes of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates who made billions at a relatively younger age but held onto their wealth and only grew richer over the years.

For some people, life begins in their twenties, for some it is the thirties and for most it is the forties or fifties. But for some, life begins at sixty. In the associated info-graphic, you will meet 10 people whose lives began at 60 and in that very list there are some who attained success many years after they turned 60.

Finding Success Later on in Life

There are more people in the world than what has been shared in the info-graphic who have attained success after turning sixty. The quintessence of the list is that one doesn’t know when one will succeed but all that one can do is pursue his or her dreams or what one is passionate about. Colonel Harland Sanders did not dream of opening KFC when he was a young lad but he certainly developed an interest in the delicacy and became passionate about it which turned him into a millionaire when he was already sixty five.

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