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10 New Job Titles that Are in Serious Demand


Technology continues to create exciting new career fields for individuals, but there’s more to it than that. If you’re looking for something that is just starting to come into its own, you’ll find a number of possibilities to explore.

Exciting New Careers

Take a look at these 10 new careers. Two things all of them have in common are that they involve either technology or fitness, and none of them really had any sort of viable presence five years ago:

1. IOS Developer
3rd part developers have become a big part of iOS devices. Over twelve-thousand individuals now work in this field.

2. Android Developer
Fifty-three people were Android developers in 2008. Over ten-thousand are now working in this area.

3. Zumba Instructor
The rise in popularity of Zumba as a means of exercise has lead to an increase from sixteen to over six thousand people working as instructors.

4. Social Media Intern
Social media has truly exploded in popularity since 2008. This has lead to a plethora of internship opportunities from Facebook, YouTube, and all the others.

5. Data Scientist
In order to understand the extraordinary wealth of digital info that penetrates our lives, we are turning to an increasing number of data scientists.

6. UI/UX Designer
Those who work as UI/UX designers are constantly working to meet our demand that the technologies introduced to the marketplace are easy for us to use.

7. Big Data Architect
There were zero data architects in 2008. Today? There are nearly thirty-five hundred people working as big data architects.

8. Beachbody Coach
A Beachbody Coach is someone who works as a distributor of fitness tools and other accessories that are being released by the company known as Beachbody LLC. No one worked in this field in 2008. Now, there are over thirty-three hundred people working as coaches.

9. Cloud Services Specialist
Cloud computing continues to rise in popularity. You can expect this career field, which barely existed five years ago, to continue enjoying extremely healthful growth over the next few years.

10. Digital Marketing Specialist
Social media and digital marketing have become crucial to the success of companies big and small, regardless of their target audience. Naturally, this has lead to a rise in digital marketing specialists.

Take a look at these ten career fields. All of them have become significant over the past five years. Consider carefully the possibility that one of these might be perfect for your talents and interests.

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