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10 Most Iconic Cars from Movies and TV


Hollywood has glorified guns, cars, hot bods and several dystopian technologies among others over the last hundred years. While many guns and technologies have been a fiction of imagination, there have been many cars which got as close to reality as they could get. There have been many iconic cars in the history of Hollywood. Avid car lovers and need for speed fans have always loved the fast speeding supercars but the vehicles have also impressed any and sundry who had watched the movies. In a sense, iconic cars in the history of Hollywood have resonated through pop culture time and again, a trend which doesn’t seem to change with time and is only getting stronger and more persistent.

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In our latest info-graphic, we bring you closer to your favorite cars from the industry, right from the iconic cars driven by the many Bonds to the Tumbler used in the cult Dark Knight Trilogy. If you thought these cars were mere toys in the hands of good and bad boys, then you need to revisit them with a download of all technical details of the vehicles. Not all have been a reality, but some of these iconic cars had actually made their way into the market, in all their glory and with several of their fascinating features, gadgets and gizmos.

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Explore our informative and fun info-graphic that would let you know everything that you wanted to know about the Love Bug, the famous Aston Martin, the Back to the Future Delorean DMC – 12, the Fords, Volkswagens and Ferraris among others. The info-graphic also shares with you extensive details about the production of these vehicles, their history, development and the follow up stories that marked their presence in the history of Hollywood and in the history of the automobile industry. Many of these cars had actually inspired certain models which were manufactured for general use. You would also get to discover some fun facts about these iconic cars that are sketched indelibly in everyone’s memory.

Some of these cars are no longer available while some are in the possession of ardent fans that had bagged the vehicles or their remains at auctions. If you thought Hollywood budgets are over the top, spare a thought to check out the budgets of the Tumbler and the likes to know where a fair amount of money goes, which is albeit well spent.

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