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10 More Interesting Facts About Money

Money is arguably the most precious item in the world. Everything boils down to money. It has been particularly so in the last century after the financial market became well regulated and there was a steady development of rules and regulations, legislation and statutes that would monitor the mode of transactions, money.

As per the first Article of the United States Constitution, Congress was provided the authority to issue and regulate money in America. A note in the United States costs an average of 6.4 cents. More interesting facts about US currency are in the below infographic.

Hard Facts About Money

10 Weird Money Facts is a fun read that will make you aware of some of the fascinating realities or facts about money. For instance, did you know that $50 billion of Monopoly money is printed every year? That is certainly an achievement for a game that is as conventional as it can get in an era of gizmos and virtual wizardry.

Check out some of the weird money facts that you may not have known otherwise. Why does coins smell a certain way, how many currencies are there in the world, what is the largest US currency or bill printed in history, why do we refer to money as buck and what can you do if your hundred dollar bill is torn by as much as 40%?

Find out the answers to the aforementioned questions and have some fun while exploring some startling facts.

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