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10 Marketing Predictions for 2015


The world of marketing in 2014 has been pretty interesting so far. As for the future? Who can say for sure?

2015 Marketing Predictions

Although no one can definitively tell you what the world of marketing is going to be like in 2015, there are a few possibilities that can be considered at this early juncture.

If you want to have at least a rough idea of what the future of marketing is going to involve, consider these concepts:

1. Content marketing is going to continue to be popular:
Content marketing dominated the landscape in 2014, and that’s only going to continue to be the case. Expect to see even more examples of companies creating marketing materials that are keenly targeted towards the interests of their customers.

2. Marketing data is going to become even more prevalent:
Over the next 12 months that will bring in and send away 2015, marketing data is going to become more elaborate in its detail. It will also be faster and easier to come by.

3. Marketing noise is going to get a little louder:
Marketing noise refers to marketing that simply offers content that doesn’t have any particular value. Expect to see more of it as 2015 moves along.

4. Guest posting is going to drop:
Guest blogging has emerged in recent years as a means for companies to create viable backlinks, amongst other things. The SEO potential of guest blogging is likely going to continue dropping in 2015.

5. Videos are going to become even more popular:
The popularity of videos for marketing has grown steadily through the last few years. This is going to continue to be the case through 2015. Expect more and more businesses to commission videos to give their customers a definitive user experience.

6. Marketing software acquisitions:
Over the course of 2015, expect more companies with money to burn to make software acquisitions, dealing specifically in software groups that have something unique to bring to the table.

7. Personalization is going to get even more personal:
The concept of personalization in marketing has become a complex, fascinating one. Expect personalized marketing endeavors to become even more significant.

8. Targeting is going to become even more specific:
Methods for targeting even the smallest potential audience will increase in 2015.

9. Mobile is going to get more attention:
Mobile users are rising, and marketing will keep this in mind.

10. Ad spend is going to continue climbing:
As we spend more time online, ad spend is going to increase dramatically.

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